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Happy New Year Maafanta!

Dear Sister Fatou,

As we say goodbye to 2012 and welcoming 2013, I wish to convey a special message of togetherness in this little struggle of ours.

I was a little busy and some vigilant friends alerted me on the fateful day when Maafanta fans mentioned me for a 2012 award --Maafanta’s Impressive People. While I didn’t participate in recommending anyone for the award, I wanted to acknowledge and thank those that mentioned my name from the bottom of my heart. At the same time, knowing me, Dearest Fatou, I was truly surprised and feel as the least qualified for an award of that magnitude though I appreciate the honor and consideration for such an award from Maafanta, a team I greatly love to associate with.

If it is permissible by those that mentioned my name, I am transferring it to my aging brother from South Africa, Nelson Mandela whose leadership style continues to inspire generations in all nations.

I believe I have a lot to be grateful to, to Allah (swt) and the inspirational true intellectuals we have around. What I continue to enjoy as a youth is being around so many great people whose love and respect for me is immeasurable. 

God-willing, I will continue to support intellectual debates in the forums I subscribed to, and to me, that is just the least I can do as a world citizen. We have a lot to benefit from what is real than what is not. It is therefore very important that people reform for the better.  As a participant in Gambia’s ongoing event, I am not interested in any political position now or later in my life. I am contented with what Allah (swt) has bestowed me and I continue to be grateful to Allah for guiding me among those on the right path of history.

Once again, thank you Fatou and all Maafanta readers for the award. Here is music of Diva (Ruqayatou) from YouTube purposely for those that mentioned me for an award. Please upload it and play it for all of them.


Best of 2013,

Yero Jallow

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