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A Poem: Mother’s Tribute –19 Years of Sleep!

By Yero Jallow

Nineteen years of sleep moved so fast that no time to cry today

Yet your absence hollows our hearts in wilder thoughts

With hopes, “Peace!” eternally thy soul shall ever rest

On reclines and salutes from the most respectful guardians

Your face, memories, and legacy remain a sky rainbow at night

While your name travels in spirit the world over at ease

When I stand there, I follow the flashy rainbow spirit in hopes

Amazing how its colors just brightens a globe on horizons

In silent moments do we cry with our loving hearts for your comfort hands

Irreparable, irreplaceable, and warmth to our flowing blood

Mother, woman of grace, woman of love, best of the best

May thy Lord ever shine your spirit in the high heavens

Till again when we all shall assemble, may you continue to peacefully sleep!

Even times when the nocturnal night beasts threaten my sovereignty

The rainbow is still overhead

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