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The Gambia Coup - what a Miss!
Dear Fatou,
Damn Ms Fatou!  I was rejoicing too!
I read with much interest your last article published in Gainako newspaper.
The article is well written and pinpoints every degrading aspect of this brutal regime.
Indeed, we all pray for a free Gambia! The Gambian nation and intellectuals of The Gambia do not deserve such a dictator who has no notion of how to rule a country.  Indeed he has instilled fear in the humble people of The Gambia but it will come to an end, just like Burkina Faso! and the end has already begun to unfold.

God knows the suffering of the Gambian people and God will not sit tight and watch.

My heart and prayers go out to the Gambia, to the citizens who have been detained for no reason, to the nationals who have disappeared without a trace including the father of my children (disappeared since 2013), to the families of those who have been brutally killed.  There is an end to every regim!,  If appathied can come to an end, Jammeh's regime can come to an end, if Khaddafi can go, Jammeh can go!

Nothing should deter you!