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Donald Trump’s America

By Saul Saidykhan

In the mid-90s, I remember watching a performance by Marsha Warfield, a comedienne who starred in the sitcom Night Court that ended its eight-year run in 1992 in which she made a funny and truthful observation on the immediate aftermath of America’s election of its first black Miss America beauty pageant in 1983. She said the very next year 1984, America went to farm country to crown Miss Iowa its new Miss America. ”You don’t have to go that far to make a point” she deadpanned. It’s hilarious and spot on if you get the joke.

On Tuesday night, last week, after the networks called Florida for Donald trump, and he seemed to be holding his lead steady in traditional democratic states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, I kept thinking about Ms. Warfield’s joke about white America over twenty years ago as I pulled my blanket over my head and coiled up undercover to retire for the night. I told my wife who is an ardent Clinton supporter that her girl is toast!

Eight years after electing its first black president, America has elected as his successor a man whose father – Fred Trump sr. was not only openly racist, but was in fact arrested at a KKK rally on Memorial Day 1927 in Queens – New York city. This is NOT idle speculation. It is from police records. When confronted with this documented fact last year by both the New York Times and New York Magazine, Donald Trump went into his usual bizarre denials about his father never been at the KKK rally, yet not being able to explain which other Fred Trump from his parents’ address was arrested on that day since his older brother Fred was born more than a decade later. Donald trump himself has a long history of racist, sexist, misogynist, and xenophobic behavior. Contrary to common misconception, Trump is not opposed to immigration altogether. He is only opposed to immigration from non-European countries.  The pendulum couldn’t have swung in a more contrarian direction.

While Barack Obama’s name wasn’t on the ballot physically, his presence was writ large on this election. Donald trump made sure of that. Lest one forget, Trump started this journey on the bigot-inspired lie that Obama is not even American.  And by their vote, white America has indicated where their allegiance lie. In short, this election was as much a rejection of Clinton as it was the burial of Obama and his legacy. Note the haste with which the GOP is moving to reverse ALL the major accomplishments of the Obama era from the obvious like Obamacare to the subtle but crucial like criminal justice system reform, and international diplomacy. The same people who met on the night Obama was inaugurated in 2008 and vowed to ensure that he fails are the self-anointed funeral directors of his legacy. Conveniently, they want us all to forget that had Mitt Romney won in 2012, in his best-case scenario, the US economy and Unemployment level would be underperforming significantly relative to Obama at this point. Romney had promised to get Unemployment down to 6.0% in four years. Obama, even without the cooperation of a hostile congress has it down to 4.9% in less than four years! And they all swear race has nothing to do with it! Hmm.

What happened on Tuesday last week will be debated for a very long time to come. It’s almost impossible to list all the other contributing factors behind the catastrophic result we saw. But certain things are very clear in my view.

  1. As someone who is no big fan of the Clintons, the poor lady did everything she’s supposed to do to win.

  2. More importantly, she did not lose, the world lost. And the consequences of what happened on Tuesday will become clearer in the years to come unless courageous federal legislators on both sides stand up and save this country. Donald trump is simply too reckless to run America.

  3. There’s no comparison between the two candidates. I didn’t like Clinton until I listened to trump a couple of times. Anyone who is different than him has a reason to be nervous about a Trump presidency.

  4. FBI Director Comey knew exactly the impact his letter would have eleven days before the election, and he released the letter anyway. It was a deliberate disregard of policy.

  5. Now we know for a fact that all the issues that conservatives claim they care about on the economy, religion, culture, and values are all excuses for something else.

  6. Trump won because even whites with college degrees in many crucial states who told pollsters they’ll voted for Clinton voted for him.

  7. The women that have accused Trump of sexual harassment - which Trump himself ironically confirmed on tape are exclusively white, yet white women voted for him.

  8. The polls were not wrong per se. Going by the actual results relative to the polls, respondents in many cases simply flat out LIED to pollsters. There’s no way anyone could have seen what happened coming. Polls are not designed to detect intentional mass deception!

The short insight into Trump’s background should give those that may be tempted to entertain certain ideals about the man some perspective on Trump’s orientation. If that isn’t enough, ponder the cast of characters around him: Steve Bannon, Jeff sessions, Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, John, Bolton, etc. Google these men and you’ll discover they have one thing in common. Glenn Beck of all people is alarmed by how racist (white nationalist) some of Trump’s people are! The whole world needs prayers because people are expecting a seventy-year-old bully to change overnight and become a cool- headed world leader!

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