Women of Substance





The following, in my opinion, are among the 10 Gambians who have had the most positive impact on the country in 2012. This however does not mean that so many others, including ordinary Gambians who had been toiling on a daily basis to make ends meet, are not making positive impact on their fellow citizens.

The names are in alphabetical order:

Bayo, Sheikh Sidia – head of CNTG

Bojang-Sissoho, Amie – Programme officer GAMCOTRAP

Fofana, Imam Baa Kawsu – prominent religious leader now in exile for his views

Johnson, Bishop Solomon Tilewa- recently elected Anglican Archbishop for West Africa

Leigh, Imam Baba – prominent religious leader and human rights activist in detention for his views

Mbai, Pa Nderry – online journalist who had made much impact on Gambian society

Scattred-Janneh, Dr. Amadou- Political activist recently released from life imprisonment for his views

Sisay, Ismaila – proprietor of recently closed down Teranga FM which had given airtime to dissenting opinion

Touray, Gumbo – Prosecuted for challenging the bad administration at UTG

Touray, Dr. Isatou – head of GAMCOTRAP prosecuted for her gender activism