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A lion that once roared "deka bi Ma kor mom" was reduced to a quite mouse at the Hay- Adams hotel. - (from Pa Modou Jobe facebookpage)

Moving on from this buffoon, but seriously though, I gotta give it to the Gambian Warriors. You guys should have seen the scenery. Only love for country and freedom could have sparked that passion. You see folks screaming until their lungs came out. I had the opportunity to meet my mentors, online warriors and the atmosphere was to die for. It was sad to see few "greens" but I believe they will regret standing there as history will not judge them kindly.

You should have seen Banka Manneh, dude was exhausted, leaning to the lamp poles, but the sound of the "dictator" coming out, made him sprung like a Kangeroo just to get the manly glimpse of the dictator and mind you he travelled over 7 hrs. King Jobies from NY too holding it down with the crew. Mr Momodou Ndow traveling all the way from Cali,stood firm as others wanted to go to the town hall meeting, stating his case that our presence is the reason for such quarantine. Oh the Iron Lady Fatou Jaw Manneh didn't masticate since sunrise, exhausted, thirsty but horns of the dictator had to be pulled to show the Banjulians how much of a devil he was and is. I met brother Kebba Foon, Saul Mbenga and the DUGA crew. OooooHH the passion in Coach-Pasamba Jow with that bullhorn, the message and the synchronized words with the crowd. My roadDawg till the endPata PJ, always keeping it 100%. The rest too, I apologize for not keeping up with the names but all and all, it was a SUCCESS.

The last message is for the the homeland. We sang the National anthem and showed the world the pretty flag that flew through the breeze of democracy. That song called "legay jotna" was the bomb as it brought memories. See, after all Jammeh is human and I know you guys are saying (yeah, yeah, yeah) but its true. He didn't follow suit with his fellow presidents to meet his people. He complained all day about "EGGS". Let me repeat this, EGGS.. This is a man who gives orders for folks to be killed, raped, tortured in jail for the most minimal stuff at home and yet couldn't feel comfortable at the land of the free. Well, this shows that the ARMY is the problem, Gambians; the sooner we deal with them, the better. They got bullets, we got hearts. Goodnight...#August5th.

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