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A Conversation with Sam Sarr – The Resurrection

By Momodou Ndow

Lord knows I tried, really hard too, to refrain from resurrecting my conversation with Sam Sarr after beating him farewell; but Sam didn't make it easy for me either. So blame both of us. Samba tanehwut Pateh!

I saw Sam's long-winded piece in support of LOSER Jammeh after the elections, but I got dizzy trying to read it. The piece went on for miles and even Sam got lost in it himself. Every argument or point, Sam tried to raise was incoherent. I have never seen a piece that diluted. Reading it (partially) felt like self-inflicted torture, but I brushed it off and convinced myself to turn the other cheek. “Just leave it alone, Momodou. Just leave it.” So I left it alone.

Then a couple of days later, I watched Sam Sarr lynched himself live on Al Jazeera. That was the most dreadful TV appearance I have ever seen. Sam looked deranged and it appeared he was having a breakdown. My heart sank and I felt personally responsible for Sam and wanted to protect him somehow. He could not make one sound argument and was constantly throwing a hissy fit. Sam was asked to behave himself by the host on many occasions during his appearance. As a former school teacher, you would expect that Sam would know how to behave himself and raise his hand if he has something to say, but that was not the case. At one point, the moderator said to him, “Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam, please!”

But the part of Sam’s appearance on Al Jazeera that was most troubling to me was when he disjointedly argued that Jammeh did more for the military than the previous regime; and highlighted the fact that Jammeh had sent him to Sierra Leone or Liberia to bring back the dead bodies of Gambian soldiers that were part of the peacekeeping mission there during their civil war. If Sam didn’t appear disturbed during his Al Jazeera appearance, he would have been beaming as he underscored the mission. I could not help but conclude that this must have been the climax of his military career. But it left me worried at the same time – here was Sam Sarr, a former Army Commander bragging about his mission to transport back the bodies of fallen soldiers as the biggest accomplishment of his military career. I could have done that with my zero military training. So this begs the question – was Sam Sarr ever cut out to be a soldier in the first place? Remember, he said he shook like a leaf at the sound of gunshots and once shot himself in the leg. I know for a fact neh Sam Sarr mann makor opa fit! As a boy, I went to Bakau Depot purr settani during the 1981 coup and the rebels started firing shots in the air; but I didn’t cry or pee my pants, I gently walked home. In fact, I was more worried about getting a whopping when I get home. Guess what? I was back to my old "settani" ways at the Depot the next day.

And if you think that Sam was done with the foolery, think again. A few days later, I heard Sam Sarr was on the radio spewing some more illogical nonsense. Chei! When will Sam Sarr get it? Chaa is Sam yapatt or muhatt or both?   Because of my compassion for my fellow man, I somehow feel responsible for Sam and want to help teach him valuable life lessons, and would love to take him on as a “project”, if he would let me. But then, come to think of it, Sam is extremely desperate. He took a gamble and lost BIG TIME. He had all his retirement eggs in the APRC basket and Jammeh will not be able to incubate them for him. So he can only boil his eggs to eat now because they will not hatch. Ndeysan! As for the arguments Sam Sarr tried to raise in his long-winded piece regarding the elections, they are neither here nor there, so why waste ink?

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