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"Why can't we be the silent majority?" 
Momodou Ndow responds to Saul Ndiaye

Who is stopping anyone from being the silent majority? If anything, the "majority" is too silent. But in the event the "silent majority" decides to challenge, they need to challenge Jammeh and his government directly, they are in power and in a position to degrade Gambia, and that's exactly what they did.

Where are the extra judicial killings in this article? Where is the economic recklessness directly caused by Jammeh in this article? Where is the abuse of power and daily intimidation in this article? Where are the illegal arrests and frequent firings in this article? Where else do we hear a president being accused of so much sexual misconduct whether true or false? "

 "Obviously things are hard back home, inflation is on the ascendancy, jobs are scarce, the economy is on the precipice, and a good many young people are looking for a way out." If this is not a reckless down play of the situation in The Gambia, then I don't know what is! Anywhere in the world you go, you will find a lifeguard, it's just a job. How is that so special? In that case, then let's tell the story of the fish seller at the market, the butiki mbaga in the street, the soccer coach, the taxi driver, and any one else working. For the record, some in the "loud minority" are also directly involved in "FGM" and all sorts of projects and are actively involved in putting students through school. How come their efforts was not given space in this article? Side stepping the big elephant in the room is not going to solve our problems! It will only make matters worst!!

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