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Matters Gambia

By Joe Sambou

All, greetings and Happy New Year to you and yours. Folks, please allow me space in your journal to inject my thoughts and outlook regarding the current situation in The Gambia. I am beginning to sense that some dictators in our neighborhood are posturing to interfere in the post election defeat of Yaya Jammeh in The Gambia. We, the Gambian people are not, and I repeat, ARE NOT going to be spectators in this saga. This also goes for other governments far and wide that wish to help their friend, Yaya Jammeh at the expense of the Gambian People.

Our neighbors in Guinea Bissau, Guinea Conakry, Mali, and Mauritania are hereby forewarned of a severe backlash on their nationals should they attempt to protect Yaya Jammeh to either overstay his mandate or try to help him escape justice. We wish that all peoples in the territory of The Gambia to peacefully coexist with their host nationals. However, we are going to deal with any government that attempts to come to the aide of Yaya Jammeh at the expense of Gambians. I do not think Yaya Jammeh is worth sacrificing your nationals to be in harm's way. You do not want a mass exodus of your nationals out of Gambia and the Gambian people do not want that either. But we are steadfast and are warning any of our neighbors and those afar to be with the Gambian people to see a peaceful transition of power come January 19 2017 and to prosecute Yaya Jammeh with all rights and privileges that due process entails.

Our friends in Morocco are also being informed to let the Gambian people decide their destiny. The Moroccan government is best served to side with the Gambian people who have already spoken through the ballot. Again, I do not think Yaya Jammeh is worth cutting relations/ties with the Republic of The Gambia. Hosting Yaya Jammeh to escape with our coffers or evade justice will be tantamount to waging war on the Gambian people. If that were to happen, the Gambian people will utilize all measures within our disposal to disrupt your interests within our territory and that includes all economic and bilateral relations. The Gambian people are a peaceful and would want to continue to maintain friendly relations with the Moroccan people. I do not think one Rabid Dog call Yaya Jammeh is worth any troubles for your people and interests.

Fellow Gambians, we are at crossroads and the moment requires us to be resolute and steadfast. We cannot be spectators is this saga and must send a warning signal to any dictator or collaborator of Yaya Jammeh. Yaya Jammeh must be tried in a court of law in The Gambia and will be accorded due process under our laws, something he denied Gambians and his victims for the last 22 years. We are not savages and we are capable of giving him all the protections required while in the custody of our legal system. Never again will we allow any human being to prevail on us like he did. Never again will we allow idiots to run our affairs. Never again will we allow criminals to take advantage of us. In Yaya Jammeh we are the more wiser and can spot a jackass from afar and to stop them dead on their tracks. This is a new day in The Gambia.

Illiteracy and ignorance of your rights is no longer a sufficient defense to blindly support criminals. Your vote to oust Yaya Jammeh proved my contention all along - that change in The Gambia depended on what you, the people. I was never convinced that you were powerless. To the contrary, I held the belief that Yaya Jammeh was on us because Gambians continued to indulge him. You voted for him; cheated for and with him; abused for and with him; and extended a left hand and in some cases a right hand endorsement of his criminal and murder enterprise. When you decided to stop supporting him, his flame is out just like that - that easy.

Within the last few days or so, I am disturbed by the irrational fears I heard some of our people vocalize which sounded like a left hand endorsement for an easy exit for Yaya Jammeh. I was very surprised to read opinions that appeared to support an amnesty "if Yaya can go in peace". Others peddled a view of how dangerous Yaya is and what he is capable of. Yet, others ascribed other ambitions/aspirations that did not even fit in Yaya Jammeh's head in his best of days. If you as a Gambian were alive a day in the 22 years that Yaya Jammeh plundered Gambia and murdered our people, how could you in good conscience even formulate the thought of an exit gate for Yaya Jammeh? At a time when Yaya Jammeh is scared to death, Gambians are empowering him with such irrational thoughts. You just voted the bastard out who was supposed to be all powerful. Yet, you still making all this noise about his capabilities. What capabilities? Surprise, surprise, WE allowed Yaya to terrorize us and when we had enough we did snuff it just that easy. What we all need to do is to put it to Yaya that come January 19, his ass is a regular citizen and what ever he attempts will be met on all fours. Yaya Jammeh must know that come the 19, what ever he starts that is evil will consume him and any idiot that wish to perish with him. A word to the wise is sufficient. Any fool in our army or police stupid enough to misread the tea leaves will be crushed with Yaya Jammeh. Contrary to the irrational fears, Dictators love life and to live. Yaya Jammeh is afraid to die. He wished that there were takers to endorse his easy exit. When that was not forthcoming, he started to send volleys to provoke a response. Yes Yaya, go ahead and make our day and start something stupid. If you opt to be killed in a chaotic scramble when you could have been legally tried, then make it easy for us - just do the stupid. You saw your friend and mentor, Khadaffi pee on himself begging his captors with tears. If you wished to be killed like the dog you are then go ahead.

Folks, Yaya knows very well that there is no allegiance for him in the security forces. They all smell blood and he knows it. He is a wounded hyena and the rest of the pack are just waiting for a chance for a lethal bite at his behind. He saw how some who mooched off his feet abandoned him in the name of "their principles". For those cons, we shall spare them until we finish with Yaya. The coalition team is also best served to not allow any tainted material from these moochers to represent Gambians in any form. You were not voted in to bring us any recycled material. That would be an insult to our collective intelligence. There are plenty such characters around and they have been running their mouths after Yaya jettisoned them. If it is smart and educated people, there are plenty of young and intelligent Gambians to choose from. Gambians are watching you very closely, make no mistake about that. We support all your efforts thus far but we are in no mood for business as usual. You will be judged based on your performance and if we smell something that stinks you will be informed ASAP.

Folks, we cannot sit idle and let the joke be on us. We must be proactive and make all interests out there know our resolve.

Joe Sambou
Concerned Gambian

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