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The Gambia: The 2016 elections are in your hands, fellow Gambians; vote for change, vote for Adama Barrow    -  By Mathew K Jallow

Gambians will go to the polls next week in what are the most important elections in our life time. And I am not saying this lightly. I am saying this with an awareness of the elections conducted under Sir Dawda Jawara, but which all took place in an atmosphere of peace across the country. Since the last elections under Sir Dawda K Jawara, Gambia has been in an endless political turmoil, something most Gambians know about, but foreigners are completely unaware of. For, behind the Gambia’s surface tranquility, a dark chapter of tyranny lurks menacingly as killings of innocent citizens, mass incarcerations, child sacrifices and citizens flee to countries near and far. The National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and members of the military have spearheaded the gruesome killing of citizens and non-citizens alike. The mass graves, the child sacrifices, not to mention the endemic corruption and looting of billions of Gambia’s resources, all tell a story of the pain and agony under which Gambians live, afraid to talk, afraid to complain and even afraid of mentioning Yahya Jammeh’s name in public.

The crimes committed by Yahya Jammeh are so many that only after we change government will we begin to know the full extent of the tragedy Gambia went through under Yahya Jammeh. As it stands, Gambians can only make educated guesses, but it is hard to quantify the extent of the killings, looting and the number of Gambians who also fled the country to Senegal to Mali, to Guinea, to Sierra Leone, to Liberia, to America, to Europe, to China and countries around the globe. When you go to the polls next week, vote for change; VOTE ADAMA BARROW. Adama Barrow is leading a coalition of opposition parties that brings Gambians together in support of change; from China to Seattle, from Wisconsin to Florida, from Scotland to Spain, and from Norway to Kenya..Due to his misrule, Yahya Jammeh long ago forfeited his right to government Gambia under conditions no better than living in hell. Below is a partial list of Yahya Jammeh’s horrendous crimes against Gambians and non-Gambians alike. In between these major crimes, hundreds of similar incidences have occurred in Gambia in which fellow citizens were killed and fed to crocodiles in Kanilai or thrown in wells and buried in forests and bushes in places from the Kombios to Kantora and Wuli.

1. November, 1994, the extrajudicial executions of Basirou Barrow and ten military officers

2. June, 1995, murder and burning of civilian, Finance Minister, Koro Ceesay’s body

3. April, 2000, massacre by security forces of sixteen demonstrating students

4. December, 2004, assassination of Deida Hydara, President, Gambia Press Union

5. July 2005 execution of 44 Ghanaians and 10 other ECOWAS nationals

6. April 2006 execution of eight military and security personnel

7. August, 2006, forced disappearances of 25 civilians

8. November, 2006, mysterious poison deaths of six witnesses of Ghanaians’ massacre

9. March, 2009, rounding up of over 1000 elderly, and death of ten in witch hunting

10. June, 2009, mass rounding up and detention of a dozen journalists/media personnel

11. August, 2012, execution of between nine and twenty six Mile Two Prison, prisoners

12. April, 2013, abduction and disappearance of Gambian dissidents from Senegal

13. December, 2014, rounding up and parading of gays on national television

14. December 2014. Murder of six military officers six military officers from the US

15. Activist, 2016, Solo Sandeng murdered by NIA

16. Married UDP female activists raped in custody

17. 1000 Gambian youth died in the Mediterranean trying to escape to Europe

18. 800 Mile 2 prisoners dead of hunger and disease

19. 25 trucks given to the Gambian people stolen by Yahya Jammeh

20. 20 busses given to Gambians taken by Yahya Jammeh

21. Thousands of bags of rice given to Gambians taken by Yahya Jammeh

22. Yahya Jammeh bought a house in Washington DC for 140, 000,000 dalasis

23. Yahya Jammeh bought business for his wife in Morocco worth 100,000,000 dalasis

24. Yahya Jammeh own homes in Spain, France and Guinea Conakry

25. Yahya Jammeh pays 3,200,000 dalasis to educate his daughter in Washington DC.

26. Yahya Jammeh owns nearly hundred properties in the Kombos and around the country

27. Yahya Jammeh has sold nearly 100 Gambian diplomatic passports to foreigners

28. Yahya Jammeh secretly killed Buba Baldeh, Foday Makalo and Kukoi Samba Sanyang

Fellow Gambians, we the blue-blood citizens of the country have allowed Yahya Jammeh, born Casamance, to rule our people without mercy for so long. We the people have the power to end his tyranny. Our people are tired of dying, going to prison and fleeing our beloved country. Yahya Jammeh is now using threats to intimidate you to give him your voter’s cards; don’t do it. Every citizen has a right to a passport, identity card, birth certificate and voter’s card. These belong to you, just like you own the shirt on your back. No one can take it from you without your permission. In addition, we have to kill this insane fear of Yahya Jammeh, who is not even born citizen of our country. In the same vein, if you vote for GDC and Mama Kandeh, you are helping Yahya Jammeh to stay in power. Mama Kandeh and GDC should have joined the Coalition with seven other political parties, which we in the diaspora fought hard to help create. When you go to cast you votes, only Allah can see you and even if Yahya Jammeh could see you vote for Adama barrow, it is your right to do whatever you want with your voters card. It is none of his damn business. There is no law between a person and his or her property; NONE, whatsoever. You are free citizens. Vote for Adama Barrow and The Coalition so we can change the government and see thousands of your fellow citizens living abroad come back to celebrate freedom with you.. We love you to death. And thank you fellow Gambians. We cannot afford five more years of the killings, incarceration, tortures, fleeing of citizens and endemic corruption. 


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