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The Cry of the Innocent

By Masireh Sanyang

It is said that bad things happen to good people. The fight for justice, freedom and liberty has led to the death of many Gambians, many have been martyred because they refused to be swayed by the injustices happening in our beloved Gambia, they stood their ground, and they knew the importance of freedom and liberty. There selfless action and the fact that they readily laid down their lives for many epitomizes the true nature of an unconditional love for one’s country. They died fighting for what they believed in, these Gambians were true Spartans, they stood unshaken in the presence of unbelievable horror; there sacrifice was huge, some died leaving families behind, some left career prospects whilst some died in their prime.

It is  said that all Gambians can be traced back to a common ancestor, so when a Gambian stands in the presence of a fellow Gambian and pulls a trigger & murder him/her outright, he has clearly murdered his own brother/sister. This demonstrates how delusional some of these people are-the hunger for power and control has led to the death of the innocent, their blood weeps and they cry for vengeance, their killers though thought they’ve succeeded in silencing them, they only succeeded in immortalizing them.

There is a difference between been alive and living, many Gambians are only alive, they are not living-just like the story of the farmer who depends entirely on his crops for survivals and having multiple wives and dozens of children to feed, the hopes of having his crops sold at a better price is  always fading on a yearly basis. The Gambia government is involved in sorts of businesses, the presidents farm crops are more of a priority than any others, this has left many farmers feeding from hand to mouth. It has led to the untimely death of others. The pressures associated with a man’s inability to provide for his family are so enormous and sometimes it’s hard for some to bear and thus leading to their eventual deaths. Many children are left fatherless or motherless and the sad reality is that there predicaments seem to only be getting worse.

Nothing is more valuable to a human being than his own live, when a man lays down his life for freedom, then such a man is true to himself and to GOD.  Fighting a tyrant is not an easy feat, it takes bravery and a heart of a lion especially when it comes to a tyrant who has no mercy, who is ruthless and kills with impunity. It is sickening when people still calls it the smiling coast, the hospitals lack drugs, surgeries take place without having the patients properly sedated, most die during this process, the president flies to the west for medical treatment, if he was so certain and confident about the medical sector then surely there will be no need for him to travel to the same west he passionately despises-yet day in day out he boasts about the potency of the medical sector. The deaths in this hospitals is murder, people are murdered on a daily basis. The blood of the innocent weeps, their cries are loud but only few can relate, some have chosen to ignore. Gambia will not be Gambia if it wasn’t for her people, so when the people are been brutally murdered then it is obvious Gambia is gradually dying. We most resurrect our beloved; no one will do it for us, neither the east nor the west and not anywhere else. The death of the innocent lingers on and it will keep lingering until their deaths have been justified, until the reasons they died has been attained.

Bernard de linton states I quote “we fight not for glory nor for wealth nor honours but only and alone we fight for freedom which no good man surrenders but with his life.


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