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The Gambia: Yahya Jammeh and his Diabolical Army

Yahya Jammeh’s deliberate rejection of the election results has been a nightmare; the celebrations and the jubilations have come to an abrupt end. The sweet fragrance of freedom, liberty and justice has been tainted and defiled by Jammeh’s foul smelling presence. Social media has been bursting with various comments and ideas as to how Jammeh should be removed; the lamenting and the frustrations of Gambians have become the order of the day. The Echoing voices of both the young and the old are beginning to get to the throne of God himself - some even suggested that the witches in The Gambia should come to our aid and CHOP Jammeh”.

The international organisations have made it clear that Jammeh cannot remain as president; he must be removed at all cost. The sanctions are on their way if Jammeh refuses to heed but let the truth be told, Jammeh is a selfish leader, he will butcher the whole country just to stay in power, the sanctions they are planning on levying on The Gambia will affect the ordinary Gambian more than it will actually affect Jammeh, this is a man whose family is currently in the United States, The Gambia is already in a pitiful state, the citizens have categorically made it clear that they don't want him so when sanctions are place on The Gambia its her citizens who don't want him in the first place who will suffer the consequences, our people are already victims. The fact that he has sent his family to the states has made his intentions bare, he is not leaving without a fight Jammeh came with the barrel of the gun it is only the gun that can remove him, his arrogance and outright coldness deserves nothing short of the bullet. My people will say “bulo min yeh jato siti woh bulo leh ka ferin” the hands that tie a lion are the same very hands that can untie it. Jammeh came by the Gun and it’s only the gun that can remove him, this is a man plying on the meekness of Gambians, he understands the psyche of our people, he knows we are peace loving people and he is deliberately taking it for granted. He has utter disregards for our rights and for our lives, he has spent the last 22 years killing us like Bugs and now that we have decided to be free he is bent on fuelling our frustrations by holding onto power.

 The Gambians who died fighting to liberate us didn't want to die, they had families, they cherished their lives but they knew that a life lived in shackles is not worth living, they sacrificed for all of us so it's only fair for us to finish what they’ve started. Gambians must go to war with Yahya Jammeh, we most descend on him only then we can truly be free. Jammeh is relying on his jujus and his diabolical means to hold onto power, he has brainwashed the army into believing that the charms they’re wearing can protect and defend them, he has made them believe that they are invincible. Jammeh is hoping that his bunkers can help protect him, the tunnels he dug cannot safe him, his times up, when a Mango or an orange ripens it falls from its tree - Jammeh has ripened and he must fall! Let us not rely on the international organisations or neighbouring countries, these are not obliged to help us, he who wears the shoes knows where it pinches him”. We are the ones that have suffered under his brutality and wickedness unless we stand up for ourselves the future generations of Gambians will never forgive us for our carelessness

The soil yearns to be free; the ones who had lost their lives fighting Jammeh’s tyranny will turn in their graves if we allow Jammeh to stay in power again. Let Gambians rise up and take control of their country, let's take our beloved back. Let us build our fatherland, let us make it great again, yahya Jammeh had turned it into a business enterprise, his family are in the united states safe and yet he deploys his delusional soldiers in the streets of The Gambia to go and die for him – this soldiers are ready to kill their brothers an fellow countrymen for the sake of a man who will sacrifice all of them if the need arises. No matter where we find ourselves in this world nothing is more precious than our home because it’s where the heart is. Do we sit down and watch one man damage the only country we will ever truly be free in. Are we going to sit down and watch one man lord over us? What legacy are we leaving for our children? Do we tell them that we have failed to create a better foundation for them? The atrocities committed by Jammeh can only be made manifest when he leaves, he has totally ruined a once  beautiful country - thus he is reluctant to leave, he knows what lies ahead, his intentions is to die as president the earlier we come to this realisation the better.


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