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The Gambia: what the Gambian MUST Consider when he stands Before a Ballot Box 

By Masireh Sanyang

It is no longer years it is only a matter of weeks before the Gambian election  beckons, a period well anticipated by many, and the coming election is one of the most talked about issues in the streets of Banjul, serrekunda and the surrounding areas. People are getting ready to decide who will lead them for the next five years. Political party leaders have been touring around the country trying to the best of their ability to convince people to vote for them.  The beeping sounds of motorist and party supporters seem to be the norm, the exchange blows between people from different parties cannot get any worse, the mockery and the belittling is aggressively common, the fall out between family members cannot be over emphasized. Elections are basically a period of strange happenings in the Gambia. 

As the saying goes power belongs to the people and what the Gambian most consider when he stands before a ballot box is very important, his future and the future of his family depends on it, the future of his country entirely depends on it too. Every Gambian most understand that his vote  can be a deciding factor, in as much as we know every person is entitled to one vote, we most also understand that the  same very vote can win elections, Every vote counts in essence. The Gambia for the past 22 years has experienced one of the worst dictatorships the world has ever seen, every individual Gambian has been affected by the brutality of Yahya Jammeh, either directly  or indirectly since Gambia is a tiny country. One most ponder on the murders that has happened under Jammeh’s rule,  the killing and the exiling of the Nations brightest minds, the lack of freedom of expression, the mismanagement of funds, the pitiful state of the medical sector, the states dominance of every investable sector etc. The Gambian most consider if this is what he wants to live through for the next 5years. He most also be aware that many people longed to have the opportunity which he has now to vote and be part of bringing political reforms in our beloved Gambia and are no longer alive, the likes of solo sandeng for example, Every Gambian that votes against the Jammeh Government has voted for solo sandeng, deyda hydara, Ebrima chief manneh, daba marena etc.  and all the Gambians he has sent on exile- he most also remember that he is voting for the Orphan child whom Jammeh has killed both his parents, the HIV/Aids patient whom he has given hope that he can heal  only to let him down or the woman who dies in child birth due to lack of proper drugs – the political prisoner who is languishing in jail for a crime he never committed or the widow who weeps every day hoping to know the reasons as to why her husband was murdered in cold blood. 

Voting in the coming elections is not optional it’s obligatory, every patriotic citizen most vote, the situation in the Gambia most change and Jammeh most go! As the saying goes it is only a tree that know it is about to be cut down an still stands – the last time I checked Gambians are not trees, if we fold our hands and watch Jammeh rule Gambia again for the next 5 years he will unleash hell and the atrocities will only get worse.

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