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The Gambia: the Inevitability of War and Jammeh’s Misplaced Bravery

By Masireh Sanyang

The current political impasse in our beloved Gambia has been the centre of attention in many international media houses, the shocking defeat of the outgoing president Yahya Jammeh has been the talk of the town, removing jammeh through the ballot box is nothing short of a miracle, many Gambians had lost faith in the ballot box and thus many attempts have been made in the past to overthrow him. Gambia’s outgoing dictator only accepted the results initially because he was hoping to buy time – despite his brutality Jammeh could have been a hero and an example to many dictators in the world, he would’ve epitomized the truly significance of democracy and rule of law if only he would’ve accepted the results and step down peacefully. Perhaps his heart has been hardened and he is destined to go this way, Jammeh’s death is imminent!

It is said that “you reap what you sow,” if this is indeed true then he is in trouble because what he had sown for the past 22 years has not all been rosy, the murders, the torture, the brutality he has meted on his innocent subjects will never go unpunished, jammeh is only clinging to his fate, the reality is he is only about to reap what he has sown. The war he is about to wage in the Gambia, the blood he is about to spill wouldn’t change the fact that his time is up. What jammeh should be worried about is what he would say to the likes of Solo Sandeng, deyda hydara, Ebrima chief Manneh and the December 30th men whose bodies he wouldn’t even give to their families and many others, it is only a matter of months before he joins them. Sometimes bravery is really not required in certain situations, it becomes foolishness. The people he thought where loyal to him have deserted him; he stands alone in the face of total annihilation. The question he must ask himself is, is it worth it? Would he let his pride and foolish self professed bravery destroy him or would he embraced his fate and just accept the results.

As if the wickedness he has meted on Gambians wasn’t enough, he wants to go further to destroy innocent lives and homes, Maybe he is doing it appease his Idols , maybe he is told that nothing can remove him, he is a diabolical human being so he will go ahead with anything the Idols tell him. If Jammeh is allowed to stay in power he will destroy not only Gambia but also other West African countries, he will cause unrest in many west African countries most especially Senegal whom he has declared public Enemy. Gambians therefore must brace themselves for the worse because no matter how many angles we look at it the truth is Yahya Jammeh Must Go! It is in his best interest to step down peacefully or he wouldn’t even have a Tombstone or a burial ground.


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