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The Gambia: the Safety of the President Elect Adama Barrow Cannot be overemphasized

By Masireh Sanyang

The political atmosphere in the Gambia has taken a different toll; the situation seems to be only getting worse. The Gambia’s demonized leader is now ready to massacre all his opponents including the innocent ones, he believes he has nothing to lose and even if he has to die he will take as many innocent Gambians with him as he possibly can.  The old and the young have pleaded with the outgoing president but all to no avail, his persistence baffles me, it seems as though Jammeh is ready to commit suicide. The arrest and the detention has resurfaced, since he operates by instilling fear, he has started the process lately, Jammeh is in a desperate state an my worry is  since he believes that he owns Gambia, he will stop at nothing in liquidating barrow, he will terminate him if nothing is done soonest. We must not underestimate Jammeh, he is a highly illogical and a very unpredictable human being and he has demonstrated this countless times.

We’re in a total state of limbo; in as much as we know we want him out we must consider the damages, the ECOWAS forces will have to try to minimise as much casualties and damages as possible, Jammeh’s desire is to cause total havoc he will bring down and destroy everything his government has erected or made. His purpose is to turn this whole situation into a civil war; he wants to make governance difficult for the incoming government. His desire is to make it impossible for the incoming government to succeed where he apparently failed. No country can prevail or achieve anything tangible when its war torn Liberia, sierraleon , Libya are a perfect examples . The wickedness of this man is beyond me. Jammeh plans to give arms to all his supporters, about 40% of Gambians voted for him, we are looking at over 200,000 people although majority won’t want to go an die for him but just 10% of this number been made into rebels will be so devastating for the tiny West African country that it might take more than 3 decades to make any meaningful progress. Indeed Jammeh was a CURSE to us; all his leadership brought us was Murder, and more murder!

The terms and conditions he has set for him to hand over power are terms he knows full well cannot be met, he understands that no matter where he flees to he must answer to the International organisations for his crimes, the world has become too tiny for him all of a sudden, he is a very desperate and frustrated human being and he will go at any length to satisfy his blood thirsty cravings. This is a man who felt that the people he has helped had all betrayed him by asking him to step down, he has hatred and bitterness so intense that if he is allowed to stay in power his former self will be a child play to what he will become. Jammeh indeed will go but the sacrifice and the damages he will leave behind will be forever remembered. His cruelty will follow his legacy and it will visit not only his children but all the way down to his 4th generation.



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