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The Rarity of Loyalty and togetherness In the Gambian Society

By Masireh Sanyang

A society that has been plague with disloyalty and division rarely progresses, a society where people have to walk looking over their shoulders, a place where everyone is a suspected NIA officer. Teenagers, the elderly, the young adult, the husband, the wife, the father, the mother etc. working for the national intelligence agency is a noble profession, these brave men an women are the very backbone of the national security, but the Jammeh regime has turned this noble profession into a thing of mockery,  anyone can become an NIA officer in the Gambia, the qualified, the unqualified, the one who has no clue as to what the job is about, it has been turned into The “National ignorant agency.”  Despite the many recruits they have, despite the lying an the snitching, the security of the Country is still in shambles, ONE might assume that since we have many Gambians in the  NIA crime will subside, disappearances will subside but instead this have gotten worse. Its is tragic when the security of a nation is compromise to an extend where no one is actually safe, where the focus is misplaced- the citizens who are meant to be protected are harassed and dehumanised, 

The Gambia is indeed a sinking Nation – it seems as though the security services are working for Jammeh and his interest is the only thing that actually matters. The poverty and the living situation has turned many Gambians into snitches and liars for president Jammeh, these disloyal and unpatriotic Gambian are ready to sacrifice the lives of there fellow countrymen for jammeh and for money. Jammeh is not the only murderer of the innocent, the ones that are involved in the process have blood stain on there hands as well, the blood of the innocent. The BANTABAS used to be a lively place where people could sit and voice out there opinion on different issues regarding both the state and their day to day living but this places play a different role now, it has become a taboo to actually talk about the injustices in The Gambia, the state is prowling around like a hungry lion looking for its citizens to devour, the state invest more money in attaining information than in buying the Farmers crops. People are forced to accept been slaves in there own homes, there freedom of expression is seized; they’re put in a position where they have to suffer whilst they’re at it smile at the same time. Close friends can no longer trust each other, family members can no longer discuss the hardships they’re facing in the country not even with there fellow family member, the atmosphere in the Gambia is plague with disloyalty an division.

With all this in mind how can Gambia be liberated? How can Jammeh be removed? Sometimes it seems as though he is destined to rule until his imminent death. The ordinary Gambian has embraced and accepted his living condition; he rather stays poor and wretched than fight for the future of his children. He rather dies in struggle and poverty and watch his children grow in the same broken society than him trying to change it for the betterment of his children. He rather pour out all his heart earned money in paying school fees for his children an watch them finish school without a job than him standing to liberate his society. This is the tragic situation of the ordinary Gambian – indeed it is heartbreaking and sickening to be a Gambian at this present moment in time.

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