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The Price of Freedom, Justice and Liberty

By Masireh Sanyang

Everything in life comes at a price, a price that one is willing to pay to get the very thing that one desires – the prices entirely depends on the nature of the thing that one desires, it is called opportunity cost in Economics. In this world we’re living in nothing comes to us until we’re willing to pay the price for it, call it buying and selling if you will, everything has a price even intangible things of life – the only thing that is free is the air we breathe.

Throughout history men have readily laid down their lives for freedom, justice and liberty, these men desired to be free and they were willing to pay whatever price it may cost. Men who transformed societies, men who fought against slavery, men who fought for independence, men who fought for freedom of speech etc. these men understood that liberty, freedom and justice is the very essence of our existence – the absence of this is the absence of the very thing that makes us human. Nkwame Nkrumah, nelson mandela, steve biko, Martin lurther king, Thomas sankara, sir dawda kairaba Jawara, Deyda hydara etc. these men placed more value on been free than their very own lives, some never lived to see the fruits of their labour but that was the sacrifice and the price they were willing to pay.

Every independent and prosperous society on God’s green earth has paid the ultimate price of freedom – an enslaved society cannot prosper, the economic, social, political and cultural situation in the Gambia is a prime example, the situation is so bad that people cannot express themselves in any form, be it demonstrations or press freedom, the jailing of Lawyer Darboe and the senseless killing of Solo Sandeng demonstrates how bad the situation is. The killers of Solo didn’t consider his family and the people who looked up to him, they preferred to please one man ( Yahya jammeh) at the expense of an entire family. Solo died for freedom and he has joined the likes of Deyda hydara and the rest who laid down their lives for freedom liberty and justice. These men placed more value on a liberated society than any other thing, even at the expense of their very lives – to these men freedom was a necessity, they either live in a freedom oriented society or die fighting in a tyrannical one, there bravery is beyond me.

Unless and until all Gambians place value on been free and liberated – until and unless all Gambians understand that power belongs to them, until and unless all Gambians let go the notion that as long as they are not affected they’re not bothered – they’ll never be free. If Gambians value freedom, liberty and justice then they’ll sacrifice to attain it, as of everything in life comes at a price – just like how they’re paying for the price of their inability to stand and liberate themselves. When we buy sugar we expect it to be sweet we buy it because we expect it to have certain qualities we need. The same principle applies to every aspect of live. If Gambian don’t want to pay the price for freedom, liberty and justice then they inadvertently attract the opposite and the opposite comes with its qualities also, just like how sugar is sweet the absence of freedom, liberty and justice Begets Tyranny, murders, disappearances and barbarism.


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