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The Gambia: Is the Gambian President a Cannibal

For 22 years Yahya Jammeh has been busy murdering Gambians, he has no value for a human life, the Gambia’s ruthless president is nothing short of the devil himself. Countless number of Gambians have died as a direct result of his brutality, the torture, the imprisonment, the disappearances, the callousness and utter disregard for Gambian lives – Jammeh is evil personified. He murders with impunity it’s as though he feels he is invincible. His insatiable desire for human blood is sickening, he craves for it, he loves death its part of him, and he yearns for it. The human sacrifices committed by this single man is unbelievable an yet here we are as Gambians terrified of standing for ourselves. How many of our brothers will die before we stand to liberate the Gambia from this blood sucking vampire.

The many Gambians he has murdered, no one knows where their bodies lay, no tombstone or nothing of that nature, an yet we still sit and watch, Gambians have become spectators, gradually we are beginning to get used to the brutality and it is becoming a norm – we are beginning to accept it as a reality and a part of our daily lives which is an abomination! If nothing is done Jammeh will start slaughtering Gambians in the streets of Banjul in broad day light. Where is our sense of belonging as Gambians? Where is the brotherly love Gambians once shared? Why is the agony of Jammeh victims not felt by us? Have Gambians become numb to the evils of Yahya Jammeh?

The question which has eluded many Gambians is where does Jammeh keep the bodies of his victims, what does he do with this bodies?  As if the brutal murder of this people is not enough , he goes further to hide their bodies from their families. The pain Jammeh is inflicting on Gambians most STOP. It’s sad when people are forced to run after his motorcades, these people have no idea as to what is going on in the Gambia, they’re kept in the dark and the minority who know exactly what is going on are afraid to speak. Where is the body of Solo Sandeng? Does Jammeh feed on human flesh, is Jammeh a secret cannibal? he has turned the Lands into Mass graves, the aftermath of jammeh’s rule will be shocking, the Gambia once a peaceful country has been turned into a country of mass graves, the graves of the true sons of the soil, men and women of valour who went to their graves refusing to be enslaved in their own father’s land.

He has come up with a psychological warfare which involves hiding of human dead bodies, by doing so he keeps Gambians in perpetual fear of not retaliating. He decreed that all opponents of his regime will be buried in their lands of exile and not there country of birth. The likes of Buba baldeh and kukoi samba sanyang are prime examples. The Gambians have never witnessed such brutality before so they’re still in the shocking mode but for how long though. The time is up to uproot jammeh, the nation of the Gambia yearns for a change, and the soil has turned bloody – the blood of the innocent, the land is tired of burying its own. If it’s for nothing else but for the sake of the future generation of Gambians, we must strive to remove Yahya Jammeh or the Gambia will Perish.


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