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The Post Jammeh Era and the Unanswered Questions

Though his intentions is to rule the Gambia for a billion years like he openly stated in one of his foolish utterances;  Jammeh clearly knows that he cannot rule the Gambia for that long, he understands that his days as president are numbered- the wailing and the weeping have become so loud that even the deaf can hear, the crying and the beginning are beginning to get to the heart of God himself, the fearful atmosphere is starting to fade, the belief that he is invincible and that he has supernatural powers are beginning  to sound like fairy tales. The Gambians are beginning to retaliate; the security forces he uses in killing the innocent are beginning to see the bigger picture and his phoney behaviour.

The unanswered question is what will happen to the Gambia after his departure – the aftermath of his regime, though is welcoming it will also be a period of hard work, the damages created are enormous- the economy itself is a mess, the entire country will require a total refurbishment and the next government will require a lot more time to put the Gambia back on track- sadly, the 5 year electoral process might not be enough and the problem will be the next government might need more than 20years to make any tangible changes because different governments have different policies and ideas to implement so when a government starts working on a  policy and when elections beckons and that particular government is replaced , the work they started might be left uncompleted- considering the economic situation in the Gambia and the debt the country has accumulated , the damages already caused by The Jammeh Government I am afraid the country might take a turn for the worse and at the same time if the country is to be ruled by another government for a period of 20 years we will more or less be stepping into another form of dictatorship so the question still remained unanswered.

The longer Jammeh stays in power the worse the economy will be after he leaves. The situation is bad already. Gambians are forced to run after his vehicles for meat like hungry Dogs- Gambians have lost their very humanity, they’ve been degraded so low that they’re been equated to dogs, the people are starving and quite frankly Jammeh’s strategy towards Gambians is working very well- his strategy in keep Gambians continually manipulated is quite effective. When will Gambians understands that power belongs to them and not the president he is only one man? How long will they continue to live in abject poverty? How long will they continue to die prematurely? How long will people continue to disappear without a trace? How long will freedom of speech be suppressed? Martin Lurther King States I quote “human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable... every step towards the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering and struggle; the tireless exertion and passionate concern of dedicated individuals”


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