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If men were God

The desire to be praised, exalted and adorned has been man’s greatest weakness, throughout history men have desired to be like God. Man has desired to ravel the very mystery of God; it almost seems like man envies God. Kings have been worshipped like God; some even gave themselves the God title-the life of pharaoh and xerxes 1 of Persia is an example of men who thought themselves to be God. Infact scriptures tell us God expel the first man (Adam)  out of paradise because he was deceived by Satan  into eating the forbidden fruit- the deception was quite simple, man was told that he was going to be like God when he eat the fruit. So the desire to be like God is something that has existed since the beginning of time.

In recent times however, the term has been modernised from the God title to a dictator, when we look  at the lives of the pharaoh of Egypt and xerxes of Persia we can clearly pinpoint so many similarities between them  and modern day dictators, the only difference is the we call them Dictators now and not God’s. In essence dictators are “God wannabes’’. Throughout history God has revealed  himself and his qualities to men, this has created a kind of understanding as to what or who God is and it will be absurd applying this same qualities to a mere human being and thus a different label has been invented (Dictator).

Though the title dictator is far from God, God is not a dictator but man’s desire to control and be feared by others  and his desire to be Lord over others has led him into murdering his own kind and since he cannot be God he therefore is given a title which he himself despises (dictator). No man wants to be labelled a dictator, only the mentally deficient. Power itself has an owner, it can be too excessive for one man to control, when power is centralized the effects become disastrous-because power doesn’t yield to one person because no one man owns it, it’s god’s-god owns power!  So when a man desires to have a total control of what he does not own, it becomes hard for him to control and utilize thus leading to a disastrous repercussion. In essence man cannot be God, it is totally impossible for man to be God, he is beyond our comprehension and thus power cannot be comprehended in the same light.

When a head of state calls praise singers and pays them tax payers money to praise and exalt him like God- calling him titles which are beyond him, labels he doesn’t deserve he is imitating the very God who made him, the only difference is the titles bestowed on him are undeserving, foolish and gibberish. Power can be intoxicating; men who fall in love with power end up destroying themselves. No man is to be feared , when a man demands to be feared to an extend where he is worship and exalted like God such a man has not only insulted his creator but committed an abomination- both the worshipped and the worshipper. Human beings can only manipulate others in doing there dirty works for them, they themselves are limited, this clearly demonstrates the insignificance of man to an eternal God. When we take our leaders as God and follow every decision they make without having a choice we have forfeited our very humanity, the choice to choose and our free will which has been divinely given to us by the Almighty. We have more or less put our leaders above God himself which is an abomination to say the least. Yet we pray to the same God expecting him to deliver us and liberate us, this is hypocrisy.

It is the responsibility of every Gambian to stand and liberate the Gambia from the claws of dictatorship and from the evil that lurks.

Chukwuemeka k oti states I quote “if men were God, the very air we breathe today would be untouchable and so expensive that the common man can make no headway.”

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