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How democracy can improve The Gambian society

By Masireh Sanyang

Democracy can be define as a political system where elections or replacement of governments is based on free and fair elections; there is active participation of the citizen in politics and civic life. A democratic government involves the protection of human rights of all citizens. In essence there is rule of law in which the laws and procedures apply equally to all citizens.

Free and Fair election: we’re all familiar with the words No Man is an Island” no one person knows it all, A democratic government promotes free and fair elections, the ruling party is placed in a position where the needs of the citizens becomes an uppermost priority because the lifeline of their party depends on how their policies relate to people and their welfare- also it gives the other political parties the opportunities to also implement their policies for the betterment of the state. No one man has the total control of power, opposition parties have a greater chance of ruling the country thus implementing there policies too since the elections are not rigged. The Gambia on the other hand lacks such, the country is rule by one person, his policies have been the only ones that mattered thus rendering the country’s highest office impossible to attain there is no guarantee of protection or citizens participating in anything stately; citizens are intimidated and there has always been reports of election riggings which makes the whole situation sickening. Even God who has the divine rights to rule gives us free will, so when a man desires total control of power he is going against the principles of his own creator.

Stronger and Effective political parties: since there is total equality and freedom, the political parties become more effective in there various endeavours, the parties, the ruling parties are properly scrutinized , the party in power  in essence won’t  simply pass a law without  it been scrutinized thus help in improving  governmental policies. In the Gambia the state put so much emphasis in architectural development when people in the country are starving, people are feeding on less than a $1 a day. The high level poverty clearly shows the ineffectiveness of the policies of the ruling party. In a democratic state however no one person can simply pass rules, passing of policies becomes a collective responsibility.

Eradicates Dictatorship: power belongs to the people, societies are enhanced that way. The citizens are free to choose those they want to lead them. Peace prevails – rule of law protects the citizens’ rights. The ruling party cannot just ram policies down people’s throat; political murders deteriorates and all the bad effects of totalitarianism fades. The killing and the disappearances in the Gambia is a clear manifestation of dictatorship at its worse. It’s the responsibility of the government to investigate these disappearances and murders, and the tax payers have the ultimate rights to know the happenings in their surroundings but since power is centralized it’s almost impossible to achieve this-the baseless explanation that have been provided by the ruling party is simply not enough and since people have no say on governmental issues the decisions are solely made by one person thus the killings in the Gambia have gone unsolved.


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