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The Gambia: Sheikh Sidia Bayo and his fruitless Quest

By Masireh Sanyang

Sometimes it seems as though the desperation and the countless yearnings of Gambians to remove Yahya Jammeh has led to the introduction of charlatans like Sidia Bayo. For few years now Bayo has been very vocal in his desire to overthrow jammeh, but nothing has been done to bring this desires of his to past – the hopeless condition of Gambians can be taken for granted sometimes especially by men who yearn for attention and publicity, in my opinion Bayo is not an exception of such men . It is said that actions speaks louder than words” this however seem to be in contrary to Bayo’s philosophies indeed he is far from been described as an action oriented person.

This is an individual who seems to have no sense of direction, he is everywhere in different media houses revealing his plans on how he is going to overthrow Jammeh, with all honesty is bayo really sane?  Gambians have so much to deal with, the sufferings in our beloved Gambia is beyond painful and the last thing we need is an individual who is indirectly rubbing it in. how can a man in planning to overthrow a government goes an reveals his plans to the media, as foolish as Jammeh is he did his own effectively. Bayo lacks the intelligence to lead, he lacks the tenacity, the honesty and the sense of focus to be a true leader and these qualities are what Gambians need – the last thing we want is to jump from the frying pan into the fire.

My only worry for this individual is him losing his life recklessly, Jammeh has no mercy, he is ruthless and killing bayo will be his greatest desire, he will use him for one of his ritualistic sacrifices or feed him to his crocodiles. If bayo respects and feels the pain of the Gambian people he must desist from giving us false hopes, he must stop the lies and the deceit. The last time I checked he claimed to be in the Gambia when in all honesty he was in MALI. Bayo just like Jammeh craves attention – I don’t know why he is bent on spreading lies about his quest, in my opinion the media should stop giving him a platform only then he will fade because truthfully Bayo is not genuine in his quest he is a total distraction.

True revolutionary leaders fight from within, they are willing to die, they throw their stones where they know they can cause damage, and men like bayo stay from afar hoping to make any impact. Yes men do desire greatness but it comes at a price, some are built to pay for such whilst some are just not called to be. Not all men are destined for greatness and sadly Bayo’s desire to bring changes in the Gambia is more out of ambition and not out of love. When one loves, one sacrifices – has bayo not seen the sacrifices of Solo Sandeng, Deyda Hydara, Ebrima Chief Manneh, this men not only spoke they acted, has he not witness the bravery of the December 30th attackers, indeed Bayo is a joke!  Throwing stones from neighbouring countries will never make any difference and funnily enough Jammeh hardly takes him seriously.


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