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The Gambia: The Mass Exodus of Gambians and the Tribal Nepotism

The Political impasse in our beloved Gambia has turned sour; people are forced to flee from their fatherland, the streets have turned quite, the farmers have left their lands, businesses have turned desolate even political offices have turned empty. The busy streets of serrekunda and the surrounding areas have become as quite as grave yards. Gambians are running up and down to stock up food, these sights are heartbreaking – A country that has never known war is about to be plunged into a civil war which is not only political but also tribal, Jammeh has decided to introduce tribal nepotism in our beloved since he understand that all hope and all other avenues  seem lost.  The arrest and detention of military officials especially those that are not from the Jola tribe have become the order of the day.

For the past 22 years Gambians have always fled, the ones that stood their ground where either imprisoned or assassinated. For how long will Gambians continue to flee? As it seems now Jammeh will continue to rule, the Ecowas cannot do much at this present moment in time considering the pronouncements of the National ASSEMBLY. We keep on calling on God as if he is going to leave his throne and come fight Jammeh for us, its high time we take the bull by the horn and in my opinion God has done his bit. How frustrating it is having a single man rule over an entire nation even when we know he is not entitled to, we love living and life to and extend we forget that the life we’re living, we’re actually living it in shackles – Gambians made Jammeh who he is, we created the Monster and jammeh knowing our psyche understands that Gambians are good motivational speakers but when it comes down to the deeds they’ll drop their beads and praying mats and flee. Most of us that keep calling on God do not even believe in him but because we have to find a way to excuse our act of cowardice we keep calling him, this is hypocrisy!

Yahya Jammeh’s blatant disregards for our rights and our constitution is sickening, his desire to rule by force should send the impression that he believes there is nothing Gambians will do about it.  The pathetic sons of the soil occupying the national assembly are nothing short of a disgrace. Jammeh’s blatant disrespect for West Africa’s first female head Ellen Johnson sirleaf was not only an insult to diplomacy but also a disregard for Gambians. In the coming weeks and months Gambia’s delusional leader will be left with only one choice and that is to take over the country by force (coup d’etat).

No ballot box can remove him, he is not going anywhere and he has staked his life to that effect, since we want to continue running, Jammeh will be there to stay, we want other countries to come to our aid whilst we lounge, we want citizen’s of other countries to come and do the dying for us whilst we take the glory, this is indeed an insult to all the great men and women who lost there lives fighting the brutality of jammeh, It’s quite tragic that we cannot stand and defend ourselves from tyranny even when we have every right to,  we rather sit and watch one single individual destroy the only country we will ever call home.