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A monument for the martyred

By Masireh Sanyang

The bravest amongst us have gone to sleep; martyred by their fellow countrymen, killed because they fought against injustice and a better future for the next generation of Gambians. Tied to a chair and tortured in the most brutal way possible- some died in the most horrifying way. When the Gambia gained her independence, the thoughts of been free from the shackles of colonialism was most welcoming but little did Gambians knew just decades down the line we will enter into one of the worst dictatorship the world has ever seen. Though slavery was brutal-the fact that Gambians were put in chains and trapped in seaports before their shipment to the unknown world made it sickening but present day Gambia is even worse, where men and women shipped to their graves and the bitter part of it all is that this has been done to them by their fellow Gambians and not colonial masters. Indeed it is worse when a brother betrays you. This men have single handily killed more Gambians in a span of 20yrs than the colonial masters did in the same span.

It is sad when a sovereign  state is ran like a drug cartel, when the security services are used in murdering the same people they swore to protect, when the various arms of government are only symbolic, they can’t make decisions without the president meddling in it. The whole system is a total mess, when a man pleads for his life and ask for mercy and begged to be spared, that he has a family to attend to an they’re hoping for his return-the wicked at heart has no mercy, he is so deluded that he hacks him to death just to please a psychopath, the only crime he committed was he wanted a better Gambia.

A monument will be established for each of this men and women who died for freedom though their remains still eludes us a place of memorial will be made for them when Gambia gains her independence again-these Gambians will be celebrated and there sacrifice and bravery will always be remembered. No one will love the Gambia more than they did-they laid down their lives for a better Gambia, history will surely remember them, the next generation will read about them, this is the least we can do for them.

This men and women died for a better Gambia, a future free from tyranny and barbarism- a future of peace and prosperity where all Gambians are treated with dignity and respect, where freedom of speech is prevalent, where aged citizens won’t be dragged outside an accused to be witches-where the press is free. They died for an era where the Gambia will be called the smiling coast again or even better-they died for a brighter future untainted with the blood of the innocent-a future embellish with hope for the next generation of Gambian including the children of their killers. They died for a Gambia where the farmer will happily sell his crops at a price enough to sustain him and his family- they died for a Gambia where the hospital will be effective and where young Gambians will reign as Doctors and not Cubans who have no value for Gambian lives-behold if only their killers knew they won’t have pulled that trigger.


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