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February 20th Gambian demonstration UK

Dozens of Gambians in the United Kingdom marched hand in hand on Saturday 20th February 2016 to show their disapproval of the present day government of The Gambia. One of the themes of the demonstration was the recent turning of the country to an Islamic state and the impact of these changes in the Gambia and her inhabitants. As of recent west Africa has been plague with organised terrorism and most of the people involved in this crimes will be forced to run or find sanctuary in the tiny West African country since it has been declared an Islamic state.  Amongst the attendees was Abdulai  jobe the secretary General of the Senegambia human rights league and among many others.

The demonstrators argued that the country is already in a pitiful state and turning it into and Islamic state will make it even worse. A petition was handed over at number 10 downing street.

From Masireh

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