Women of Substance






By Lamin Saddam Sanyang,
The Netherlands.

22 years of brutal dictatorship is our country must stop now.Too much of killings, torturings, rapings, unlawful arrests, humiliatings and etc must come to an end. Following the unlawful arrest and killing of Hon Solo Sandeng, a senior member of the United Democratic Party (UDP) and co. The leadership of the UDP decided to come out on the street to ask for Solo Sandeng dead or alive and the entire top executive of the party languishes in detention at the notorious Mile Two prison. I am therefore urging the entire petriotic citizens of The Gambia to come out in numbers on this coming thursday to the court house in Banjul chanting to free all political prisoners dead or alive and let the dictator step down from power. I am hereby declaring war against dictator Jammeh and his brutal, cruel and barbaristic styles of ruling. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. He has to go by any means neccessary. Lawyer Ousainou Darbos and co sacrified their life for us So am once again asking you all to come out in numbers on thursday to show out our solidarity and go ahead with our KALAMAA ROVOLUTION and get the hell out of dictator Jammeh. He has go and he must go BY ANY MEANS NECCESSARY. No retreat no surrender. UNITED WE CAN DO IT.
Can you please shared this message to your contacts after reading it, so that many people can be inform en mobilse each other.

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