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Joe Sambou on Dr. Amadou Janneh Interview :

Demba, thanks for bringing us your phone conversation with Amadou. However, the conversation is one sided and it accommodated Amadou in many respects. You will agree with me that nothing beats a real time exchange where the democratic space creates a level playing field and folks can exchange freely. Now, how does Amadou aspire to lead Gambians and wants to speak for them, but have the nerve to say that he does not see the need to face off with the same people he claims to be fighting for? It makes him look ridiculous to have everyone speak for him right here but he is too good to show up - He will speak to us through Demba. I am not going to waste my time responding to a tape. What I will continue to do is to speak about who Amadou is by his own actions and writings. You think a person like Amadou will survive a day in the US as a spokesperson for anyone or have the nerve to claim to fight for anyone with this behavior and arrogance? Again, this is why Africa is full of dictators. 

This shrub does not have power and he behaves this way, just imagine Amadou with real power. Well, Amadou will find out that he can only climb on our backs if we bend over for him. Listening to this interview, the coward could not even address his transformation from a resident expert on Jammeh to the turn-coat he became - his character, integrity, trustworthiness, etc, the heart of our concerns. On top of it to pile a load of crap about joining Yaya to undermine him. Amadou must really convince himself of our collective stupidity. A PhD holder, why can't Amadou speak directly to Gambians and for himself? He was literally begging for folks to come speak on his behalf like the scheme we have been dealing with where one surrogate after another come to pitch for him as if he were in a coma. Yet, he can sell a late night rock in the guise of speaking to Gambians. Well Amadou, you failed in your mission and your story was just that, your story. Yes, you can continue to do your thing and as long as you know you are not speaking for Gambians who will question your opportunistic self it is all good. You will never decide to speak for me in your own terms.

Forward from Joe Sambou

Fatou ,

Below is from the horse's mouth.

> the firing of Cheyassin Secka underscores the predictability of the Jammeh
> regime. His personnel policy models the classic game of musical chairs,
> only in this case with profound and detrimental consequences on a nation
> held captive by a gang of hoodlums.
> We need the psychologists amongst us to explain why supposedly intelligent
> people are willing to be Jammeh's hounddogs, praise singers, henchmen, etc.
> knowing the humiliation that inevitably awaits them. As the saying goes,
> "Learning without virtue is like pearls on a dunghill."
> Salaam!
> Amadou scattred Janneh

On Tue, 30 Jul 2002 15:59:37 -0400 "Dr. Amadou S. Janneh" 

> Folks,
> I need to inform you that I have decided to
> join the APRC -- a party I had
> been very critical of, if not hostile towards.
> It is now my conviction that
> the party is dedicated to improving the lives
> of Gambians and that I can
> contribute something towards achieving its
> goals.
> The main catalyst for my decision has been the
> tone set by President Jammeh in
> his inaugural speech following the 2001
> Presidential elections.  I believe
> elements outlined in his address created
> opportunities for a political and
> social climate that is conducive to stability,
> tolerance, and reconciliation.
> Reaching out to political foes and extending
> amnesty to exiles, as President
> Jammeh did, were acts of political magnanimity
> and maturity that I found
> attractive.
> Also taken into consideration is the regime's
> delivery of public goods.  Of
> particular significance to me in this context
> are the development of the Kombo
> Coastal road network and the establishment of
> the University of the Gambia.
> No system or organization is perfect, but
> hopefully we can work towards that
> objective through the collective will.
> Amadou SJ
> "Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire,
> sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act
> upon...must inevitably come to pass" (J.
> Meyers).

So, why is this contineous lie about why Amadou joined the person he knew to be killing Gambians and even diagnose those that preceded him? Wedy Gis Borkucha! Those coming to sell us sugar pill, you are doing damage to your reputation but if you do not mind I say keep blasting to your health. Amadou left a very long trail and you will be smack in the face with his own words every time you want to defend the indefensible.