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The Orphaned Land 
(By Jainaba Bah, Sweden)

In the middle of the night, sleepless with thoughts racing amok
I close my eyes, but here there is no slumber
No serenity, no peace or tranquility
Just somber thoughts of dreams unfulfilled

My mind is a minefield
Exploding with each treaded recollection
I gaze into the past
Watching trials and tribulations,
The spirited zeal of an energized generation

I look at the present and see a Graveyard of Hopelessness
Ours has become the Orphaned Land
This smiling coast of yesteryears,
Of dignified men and women
Who walked with graceful agility
Has turned in to a Nation of soiled virtues

Of tainted characters and grandstanding rhetoric
Of corrupt men and women, soulless beings
Here, where women and men display their nakedness for the world to see
Celebrating fornication, decay and indecency
This Land has lost its innocence, its beauty, its upright morality,
Feeding the unsatiable taste of decadence
This disfigured Orphaned Land

The struggle of the Orphaned Land has morphed into a Babel
A struggle that scorns the truthful,
Maligns the honest and questions the sincere
A struggle that embraces renegades,
Elevates traitors, celebrates treachery, eulogizes deceit
A compromised struggle,
Where self-anointed fighters succumb
And surrender to the cancer they vowed to uproot

Clueless of a protracted battle, no mark of resistance in their trail
With flawed, brazenly outrageous arguments
Finding common ground with a stubborn oppressor,
A murderer, rapist, an idol-worshipper who abducts, tortures and maims
Hijacks justice, muzzles the truth sitting on a throne of impunity
The Dictator who lost compassion for his people
Displaying contempt for the truth
Killing and dismembering citizens
In a showcase of absolute corrupted power

Yet the reconciliation hymn is sung
Corrupted intellectual midgets cutting demeaning deals
For a few filthy perks,
Feeding a warped psyche, appeasing Evil Personified
A Ruler So Unkind

There is Plenty of Cowardice in the Depths of a Human-being
Reconciliation: Not In My Name!

I Refuse to endorse a Dictator
I Refuse to embrace Evil
I Refuse to reconcile with a Mean Dragon
Covered in Scales of Deceit and Sinister Design
That Sophisticated Face of Treachery

I Refuse to Succumb to Defeat
This Life Is Poised For Battle!
This Breath Longs For Freedom!

For within each and every genuine fighter
Lies a much deeper sense of rebellion
That sense of righteousness, a sense of duty, the call to do right
The spirit and passion to fight evil,
The desire and power to triumph over evil
That fire cannot be extinguished by threats from a Renegade Bully
That soul can never be seduced
To dance to the tune of a non-genuine reconciliation
That is a Conscience Standing Tall

For The One Who Identifies With This Just Cause
To Liberate And Transform
A True Agent of Social Progress
The Real Patriot Believing Change Is Possible
That Spirited Soul
The Fearless and Just
Yet Humble and Honest
You The Finest We Have
This Is Your Call
The Cause Of The Oprhaned Land

This Poem Is For You
Where there is no Arrogance
No Haughtiness or Insolence
No Pretence or Ambiguity
No Time To Lose Heart
For It Is Only Through Struggle Can Progress Be Birthed

Victory Will Come For Sure
At a must-willing price to pay

Transforming ourselves,
Raising the bar for higher Morality and Focus
True to the Legacy of Amilcar Cabral, Somora Machel, Titina Silá
The Purest and Most Powerful Love For Country
This Orphaned Land Of Ours Must Be Rescued!
Until Then, It Is A Battle Cry......
No Reconciliation, No Fear!
No Retreat, No Surrender!

Jainaba Bah

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