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Fund For Hope
Statement from Haddy Mbow
In August of 2013, we came forward as a group to appeal to you for your support to Omar, an 11 month old with a birth defect in need of a life saving corrective surgery to live a normal life. You gave us your unwavering support by donating..., spreading the word and helping this angel in fighting for his life. Enough funds were raised to cover both surgeries that little Omar underwent, travel costs to and from Dakar, accommodations and all expenses incurred by his family during the course of his treatment

Today, it is with great pleasure and gratitude that we inform you that Omar has completed his treatment in Dakar and has returned home to live a normal life. He is recovering and doing well beyond our imagination. We can truly say that God answered our prayers so we thank him and thank everyone who supported the cause in one way or another. We couldn't have done it without you!

The remaining funds from Omar’s treatment was D19,000 and this amount will be handed to his family for his upkeep and welfare. Omar’s family presented to us a video of his mom expressing her gratitude for her son’s life and a very inspiring one of little omar playing. With her consent, we attached it to this post. Please check it out and see the big difference you made in his life. Yes you have made a difference and you should be proud of yourself.

We, the fundraising team are inspired by his journey in fighting for his life and the progress he continues to make. Therefore, we have decided to stay together as team to provide the same support for other children like Omar. So with greatest pleasure, we proudly present to you ‘Fund For Hope’, a non profit charity aimed at providing support and raising funds for underprivileged children in need of medical care. We welcome any individual, companies or organizational partners who are interested in providing support and hope for families like Omar’s.

Once again, we thank all companies and individuals who donated and supported this worthy cause. We extend a special thanks to the amazing VoLo group in Dakar, Senegal for completely coordinating and overseeing Omar’s treatment in Dakar. We are inspired by their hard work and dedication and hope we can continue to count on them in our efforts of saving lives while we challenge others to do the same. Together we can change lives and shine the light of hope when it is needed most.

Omar’s Fundraising Team; Now “Fund For Hope”
Baboucarr Sallah- London, UK
Fatou Jaw Manneh-Phoenix, Arizona
Momodou Krubally- California, USA
Hassan Touray-Banjul, The Gambia
Pa Susso- Texas, USA
Abdou Draman Touray - Dakar, Senegal
Omar Bah -Banjul, The Gambia
Haddy Mbow-Maryland USA
Yero Jallow
Bass Ndow-Texas USA


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