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Maafanta 2012 impressive people of the year awards. The fiscal cliff is looming , so the awards will not be too elaborate but a gesture and honor bestowed on all the winners. It was too tough to pick so everybody wins including our readership. Thank YOU  to all maafanta contributors. We cannot thank you enough. Wishing you all a prosperous 2013. 

GrandMa Sirreh hosting the Maafanta impressive people of 2012 awards. 

Sidia Bayo and Pa Nderry Mbai wins the No.1 spot on maafanta Impressive people of 2012 awards. 

Sidia Bayo: 

Sidia Bayo, your ultimatum was the best word that landed on the struggle for years. Your mistake: You should have stretched it to 6 months. By the time then you get to Yaya Jammeh , he will commit suicide. He has started squeezing himself between his fellow soldiers under tents. WE want to keep him under tents until we catch him. Good luck to you. Sidia Bayo wins A gambian flag , a map of Kanilai and Statehouse 

It takes courage to become happy -- courage to remain true to one's convictions, 

courage not to be defeated by one's weaknesses and negativity,
courage to take swift action to help those who are suffering. 

Congrats to Sidia and Pa Mbai. You make Gambia proud!!

Pa Nderry Mbai , Reader says: Thank you my hero Pa Nderry Mbai, My man for “Gambian Personality of the year 2012” Accolade for hard work, national service, selfless sacrifice, civil rights activists, freedom fighter and nemesis of our Tyrant! Consider the wealt of information and sensitive state secrets coming out of freedom daily amongst others; leading the campaign to liberate a nation from tyranny and for freedom and democracy. Pa Nderry’s parents subjected to humiliation and duress(undue pressure) to denounce their son and one of the great sons of the Gambia

Now how patriotic can one be?? Good luck!

Pa Nderry wins a Gambian flag and a torch light incase the Kaninlai boy jumps fence into the bush

Dr. Isatou Touray, Amie Bojang Sissoho, Jainaba Bah, Ndey Jobarteh,Satang Jobarteh(may her soul rest in eternal peace) tie on the No. 2 Spot

Dr. Isatou Touray , Director of Gamcotrap

Programme officer GAMCOTRAP Amie Bojang of Gamotrap

Satang Jobarteh

""Her voice was an omni-potent cry in a patriarchal society. Her sharp features, majestic eyes and charming beauty are vivid etchings on the landscape of our minds. Satang was an experienced, dynamic and charismatic lady who has left an indelible mystical footprint in the sands of time. Such a woman cannot be erased from the mind. She was an epitome of the collective consciousness of women emancipation. Even with the final rites been long conducted on her remains, Satang will still be a vital part of the gender consciousness of this nation."""...May her soul rest in perfect peace. We are so proud of you. Wish some of us had the honor to just see you. Your efforst are not going to go in vain. Satang takes home our prayers and a quran

Satang Jobarteh

May her soul rest in perfect peace

Jainaba Bah

This woman is a Scientist, an entrepreneur, a humanist, activist and a Diva!! What woman can be this sophisticated? 

She wins : Long Walk to Freedom. Book by Nelson Mandela

Ndey Jobarteh: She is a business consultant in Europe, and a tireless activist . You make us proud Ndey Jobarteh.

We are proud of you big girls . Happy New Year

Niania Touray and Sirra Ndow are at No. 3 beating Mai Fatty and Halipha Sallah

NiaNia Touray:

She is your modern African woman. She is definitely educated, manages a multimillion dalasi real estate and wealth management company, a mother and has a hot hubby too. God loves this girl!

Niania wins an Oprah Winfrey T- Shirt and a bag of oranges . Girl the sky is the limit!

Mai Fatty , Halipha Sallah and Joe Sambou Takes the the no.4 spot. Congrats to our politicians

Mai Fatty: 

This cute lawyer wants to be our President and deservedly so. Wish you all the best Fatty kunda. You have suffered for too long and God shall reward you abundantly. You are intelligent, patient and humble. You are blessed already!

He wins a gambian flag and a bowl of Mono (porridge)In America that would be grits!Wishing you the best

Joe Sambou: 

GrandMa Sirreh says : Lucky woman Kimberly Sambou

He sure  will not leave you on the salato farms fending for yourself . And where did he buys his "glasses" from?? They always clear. No fuzziness about them…Hmmm.  Joe Sambou wins a gambian flag and a plate of meat pie

Sirra Ndow: Come on now. The girl has a masters degree in computer science. Whislt some of us are still navigating our way on google/ And she offers free classes to entrepreneurs. You better pick up a notepad and sign up.

10 FREE HOURS of Business Training, no obligations, no catch, starting Friday January 4th 2013! 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM Pacific Time Baanabaana Business has designed a compact but complete 10 session program aimed at setting you off on the path to success with the right mindset, perspective, attitude and practical skill sets.

Sirra takes home a a portrait of Mary McLeod Bethune and a bottle of gambian ginjarrrrr.You make us proud sis!

Halifa Sallah

Reader says: One of the most dynamic political leaders of the nation. Keeping track and is always very concerned with defending citizens rights, advocating for freedom and democracy, sentisizing on civic education, franchising for “independence”, clarifying on the burning political issues and intellect shared. Voice heard spot on , on every political, social, economic and constitutional discourse, tirelessly educating its people on their political rights , persistently at the forefront and on the ground challenging a dictator and state terror. Please consider my pick?

Thanks for cooperation

Halipha wins a gambian flag and a bag of ground starbucks coffee. This dude shares same territory with a dictaor. He has to be awake 24/7

Baa kawsu Fofana and Imam Baba Leigh wins the no5. spot. These Imams make us proud. Truth shall last!

Imam Baa kawsu Fofana: Keep it up Baa kawsu. Just like prophet Muhammad (PBUH)did in Mecca and just like Jesus did with some money changers. They are sure proud of you!!

Imam Ba Kawsu Fofana wins a a gambia flag and a  quran!!

Imam Baba Leigh: You have our prayers Baba Leigh. You are following your faith and God’s words to the letter. He is watching over you wherever you are. Lailaha illalaha , Muhammadou Rassululllah.They have banished Muhammad out of Mecca, stabbed Omar, stabbed Ousman…and they are still influential as ever!!!  You have our prayers!!

Imam Baba Leigh wins a gambian flag and a quran

George Ayitteh, Dr. Abdoulie Saine,Lamin J. Darboe and Mathew K. Jallow gets the no.6 spot. You make us all proud!

Professor George Ayitteh.

GrandMa Sirreh says

:I am glad to know that in the foot steps of Mandela , is a George Ayittey. AFrica can keep hope alive!

We dedicate the book: Defeating Dictors to him. There is none like Prof. Ayitteh!!

Lawyer Lamin J Darboo
Reader says, 
His diliberations are mesmerising!!

Lamin wins a a book : My Life as Lincoln
and a ticket to go see a lincoln movie

Dr. Abdoulaye Saine : For standing with Gambians throughout the struggle. This reader signed off as Princess! 

Grandma Sirreh says Ahah Princess, DR.Saine’s wife is over 6ft tall, beautiful black American sister called Paula and she is armed with a Doctorate degree . Take note, But I don’t blame you for feeling for this good  Doctor!! And he is dropping us book after book after book about Gambia.

Dr. Saine wins a portrait of Nelson mandela.

Ebou Gaye, Essa Bokar Sey, Baba Aidara, Sarjo Bayang,Momodou Ndow wins the No. 7 spot. You all make us proud, brothers.

Ebou Gaye

Reader says: Intellectual, prolific writer, typical gambian situations, politically charged analasys from his regular discourse, own perspective and educativecontributions on-line

Ebou wins a gambian flag and a bag of rice.

Essa Bokarr Sey

Reader says:

Working tirelessly everyday through Hello Gambia media; sacrificing, shouldering the responsibility and challenge, amongst others to get rid of the dictator out of the ring.

Essa wins a gambian flag and a bowl of Chakri

Mathew Jallow: 

GrandMa Sirreh says :Yaya Jammeh you need prayers. The ink bottle on this Gainako’s desk never dries!!!Goto goto goto. Fiddell faddell , Ang -Ko- Rawandehh Yaya Jammeh!! Excuse my pularr Mathew. Grandpa Ousman Jallow will be turning in his grave with this kind of poular from his granddaughter. You are always there for everyone Mathew. You can get on our nerves sometimes. But its all good.You are an inspiration God bless! Mathew wins a portrait of Raphael Lemkin. .................more

Sarjo Bayang has a versatile mind says a reader and Grandma Sirreh says: Behind the scenes without Sarjo, maafanta will go off the cliff. 

Thank you Sarjo

Sarjo wins a Richard Branson T- Shirt and a bag of mangoes

Baba Aidara: 

GrandMa Sirreh says:

He is the super cool, super fly publisher of hellogambia.com. This Senegambian brother chased Abdoulie Wade out and is now on the heels of  dictator Yaya Jammeh. Yakhlabash. Thank you brother!

Baba wins a gambian flag, and a plate of broiled lamb ribs. Thank you.

Momodou Ndow:

 Princess Gambia wrote. His articles are simple , refreshing and to the point. A good add to the Maafanta contributors.

GrandMa Sirreh says: Thanks Princess. Momodou is the new writer kid on the block.

Momodou wins a pen, notebook and a portrait of Kunta Kinteh

NO. 8

READER SAYS: I can't sleep without mentioning these additional popular names, deserving compatriots and powerful force in the struggle. Our leadership hope and national cause to redeem The Gambia from dictatorship, for freedom, democracy, development, peace, progress, prosperity and stability; depends on their dynamism, militancy and activism. Lining them up under Gambian "Impressive people of the year 2012" inspire LEADERSHIP, NATIONAL UNITY, SOLIDARITY, ESPRIT DE CORPS TOWARDS ESTABLISHING A NETWORK OF NATIONAL REVOLUTIONARY FRONT OR MOVEMENT FOR FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY IN THE GAMBIA (MFDG) COINED BY Dr Sedat Jobe; or any suitable name for UNITED NATIONAL FRONT to get rid of Jammeh, set -up a NATIONAL TRANSITION GOVERNMENT and hand over to democratically elected government.: Dr. Sedat Jobe,

 Dr. Amadou Janneh, Ndey Taffa Sosseh, Banka Manneh, Demba A. Jawo, Modou Oley Mboge, Bakary Bunja Darboe, Alhaji Mustapha Faye ("Ali Kalaji")

This group wins a Tour Bus !!

Modou Mboge please sit tight in this bus. No hiccups. This is a an express liberation bus from Georgia to Kanila!! God has planted you in this bus for a reason and you know YAYA HAS TO GO!!

Banka Manneh

Modou Mboge

Dr. Amadou Scattred Janneh


Dr. Sidat Jobe

Bakary Bunjaa Darboe

Alhagie Moustaph Faye

( Ali Kalagi)


Abdoulie Jobe, Momodou Camara of Bantaba and Bamba Mass comes at no.9. Super cool brothers!!

Abdoulie Jobe of C- 70

Also Secretary of  Sene-Gambia Human Rights Defense League
(UK).GrandMa says: Yaya Jammeh Jammeh i wish you know what the code C-70 means. 
Congrats Mr. Jobis. You are a true gentleman and patriot.
  Mr. Jobe wins a Gambian flag and a copy of the Gambian constitution

Momodou Bantaba Administrator

Reader says:

One of best moderators, promoter of divergent of views, sharing Bantaba resources, tireless working for Bantaba in cyberspace to be highly informative on Gambian issues and very patient to every forum member. Momodou wins a Gambian flag and a Mrtin Luther King portrait

Now we take a break , drink some attaya and listen to Orchestre Baobab. Xarit Mbaa Merrowoma

Bamba Mass: 

Reader says: For sincerely tendering a resignation letter to NTCG, not compromising principles, displaying self-aggrandizement and/or hungry for power. His resignation letter speaks volumes and I consider him as my GENERAL LEADING ON THE FIGHT AGAINST DICTATOR JAMMEH. He deserves and is competent to be manning any FUTURE MINISTERIAL POSITION AND THAT MEDIA AND COMMUNICATIONS SUITS HIM but NTCG was not properly constituted and lacked consensus and legitimacy!His dedication to Kibaaro media is bonus on his belt.Thanks.

Bamba Mass wins a Gambian flag and a bag of potatoes

No. 10. Phew we made it to the top 10!!!

Gainako team Yero Jallow( Dalton) , Demba Baldeh and Fatou Jaw Manneh  made the no.10  spot on maafanta impreesibve people of the year 2012

Yero Jallow wins a Ghandi portrait and Demba wins a Gambian flag

Reader A says

Fatou Jaw Manneh:

Finally our heroine and indefatigable Fatou Jaw Manneh in  making Maafanta media a classic piece of work , upgraded with a  new facelift.


Good night!

Reader B says: You are my heroine. God bless.

Gambia is proud of you!!

Fatou wins a pack of Attaya 

A big thank you to all who send their picks of 2012 impressive people. It is fun and we look forward to hearing from you end of 2013. I hope it is a year of reflection. Wishing all maafanta readers and contributors a very prosperous 2013 and beyound. God bless!!

Fatou Jaw Manneh

Congrats Aida Samba.  Winner of  Kora Awards 2012, Best Traditional Female Artist 

“People do not seem to realise that their opinion of the world is also a confession of their character.”  ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

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