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Gambia Independence Celebrations. February 18, 2013. We have nothing to celebrate

Below is our predicament:

As Gambians remember eighteen years of unprecedented human and civil rights abuses, we endeavour to put names to the many Gambians who have lost their lives or suffered injustices under the regime of Yahya Jammeh. The updated list of the executed, murdered, disappeared, those being tried, facing charges, exiled or languishing in Yahya Jammeh’s prison system and jail houses around the country tell the story of the brutal legacy of Yahya Jammeh’s and his regime over the past seventeen years. But this list is by no means complete, since the multiple forced disappearances in the Fonis are not near completely documented yet and other crimes by the regime are still to come to light.

Arrest, banishment and incarceration of religious leaders

Imam Baba Leigh incarcerated in incommunicado

Imam Ba Kawsu Fofana forced exile in Senegal

Recent murder of Gambians February 2013

Amadou Bah (Senegalese)

Prisoners execute in Mile 2 Prisons August 23, 2012

1. Lamin B. Darboe

2. Alieu Bah

3. Lamin Jarju

4. Dawda Bojang

5. Malang Sonko

7. Lamin F Jammeh

8. Gibril Bah (Senegalese)

9. Tabara Samba, raped multiple times before her execution (Senegalese, female)

Gambians recently murdered on orders of Yahya Jammeh

Abdoulie Colley, Abuko Village

Musa Badjie, collapsed and died in Mile 2 Prison, August 25, 2012

Wuyeh Colley, Kanunorr village, murdered August 22, 2012

Enor Colley, Kanunorr village, murdered August 22, 2012

Regime’s witching-hunting Kangaroo Trials

GAMCOTRAP’s Dr. Isatou Touray and Co. trials

GNOC’s Beatrice Allen and Co. trials

Suruwa Wawa B. Jaiteh and Dr. Loum’s trials

Dr. Amadou Jallow and Co. trials

Dr. Alasan Bah and Co’s trials

Recent arrest, detention and charged with treason

Amadou Scattred Janneh, former minister of Information

Ndey Tapha Sosseh, former president of the Gambia Press Union

Mathew K. Jallow

Famara Demba

Modou Keita

Ebrima Jallow

Michael C. Uche Thomas (died in prison)

Torture and Yahya Jammeh’s convoy related deaths

Demba Sibey of Numuyel village

A third grader from Saaba Primary School

A young girl killed Yahya Jammeh’s motorcade/Gunjur prayer fest

Paul Bass NIA operative killed by Jammeh’s convoy

Arab businessman dead in collided with Jammeh’s convoy

A soldier from Sintet village killed escorting Jammeh’s convoy

A little girl killed by convoy during Mauritanian President’s visit

A child killed by stampede for Jammeh’s biscuits at Sere Kunda market

In total since 1994 nearly twenty people; children and adults have died as a direct result of Yahya Jammeh’s speeding convoys and biscuit throwing to crowds.

Recent Arrests of journalists

Sports Editor Nanama Keita, facing witch-hunting/Kangaroo Trial

Ahmed Alota, arrested, detained, released

Executed and Murdered Civilian and Military

Ousman Koro Ceesay 
Deyda Hydara 
Sidia Sanyang 
Ebrima Chief Manneh 
Omar Barrow 
Lamin Sanneh 
Ousman Ceesay 
Sarjo Kunjang 
Ebrima Barry 
Ousman Ceesay 
Saja Kujabi 
Haruna Jammeh 
Yaya Jammeh 
Daba Marena 
Staff Sergeant Manlafi Corr 
Sergeant Major Alpha Bah 
Lieut. Ebou Lowe 
Lieut. Alieu Ceesay 
Sgt. Fafa Nyang 
Lieut. Basiru Barrow 
Cpt. Sadibou Hydara 
Lieut. Almamo Manneh 
Lieut. Abdoulie Dot Faal 
Lieut. Bakary Manneh 
Lieut. Buba Jammeh 
Lieut. Momodou Lamin Darboe 
Cadet Officer Sillah 
Lieut. Basiru Camara 
Corpl. Mendy 
Lieut. Gibril Saye 
Sergeant Dumbuya 
Momodou Sowe 
Gambians detained, released in Jail or murdered between 1994-2012

RSM Alpha Bah (exected  
Major Ebrima Bah 
Lt Momodou Alieu Ba 
Corporal Samba Bah 
Tijan Bahoum: Power Supply Director NAWEC 
Kemo Balajo: ex-National Intelligence Agency 
Foday Barry: ex-NIA; director of Intelligence 
Ourani Barry: ex-Senior Civil Servant 
Lamin Bojang: Medical Research Council 
Ebrima Camara: ex-police officer 
Omar Barru Camara: ex-MP APRC 
Captain Wassa Camara 
2nd Lt Alieu Ceesay 
Lamin Ceesay: Politician 
Madi Ceesay: President, Gambia Press Union 
Awa Darboe Cham: wife of alleged coup leader Ndure Cham 
Lamin Cham: ex-Daily Observer, BBC correspondent 
Lamin Cham: Politician 
Momat Cham: former minister 
Momodou Cadi Cham: former politician 
Superintendent Abdoulie Colley: ex-police officer 
Retired Colonel Abdoulie Conteh: former KMC Mayor 
Staff Sergeant Manlafi Corr 
Captain Bunja Darboe 
Lamin R. Darboe: Politician 
Lamin Saiba Darboe 
Captain Yaya Darboe 
Adama Deen: former Managing Director Gambia Ports Authority 
Demba Dem: ex-MP APRC 
Momodou Demba: Politician 
Mariam Denton: Human Rights Lawyer 
Raif Diab: Businessman 
Ramzia Diab: former nominated MP, APRC 
Musa Dibba: ex-NIA Director of Finance 
Sheriff Mustapha Dibba: ex-Assembly Speaker 
Baba Drammeh: ex-Independent Electoral 
Commission (IEC) officer 
Omar Faal: Marabout 
Ansumana Fadera: ex-Senior Civil Servant 
Jerreh Fatty: Politician 
Lamin Fatty: journalist, The Independent newspaper 
Mariama Fatty: Politician 
Kebba Faye: ex-Senior Civil Servant 
Tamba Fofana: Head Master 
Abdou Gafar: journalist, Daily Express newspaper 
Lamin Gassama: Security Manager, Banjul International Airport 
Antouman Gaye: Lawyer 
Pa Njie Guirigara: General Manager, VM 
Sarane Hydara: ex-Senior Civil Servant 
Captain Abdoukarim Jah 
Karamo Jaiteh: former Managing Director, Gambia Roads Authority 
Suruwa Wawa B Jaiteh: former Permanent Secretary 
Staff Sergeant Buba Jammeh 
Haruna Jammeh. Villager 
Kebbaringo Jammeh: Councilor 
Marcel Jammeh. Villager 
Lance Corporal Babou Janha 
Amie Jarju. Villager 
Cherno Ndure Jarju: Politician 
Lamin Jarsey: Politician 
Tamsir Jassey: ex-Deputy Inspector General Police, Director of Immigration 
Dudu Kassa Jatta: Politician 
Ousman Rambo Jatta: Councilor 
Colonel Vincent Jatta: ex-Chief of Defense Staff (deceased) 
Momodou Jaw: ex-IEC officer 
Abdoulie Kanaji Jawla: MP, APRC 
Baboucarr Jobarteh: ex-Protocol Officer 
Maimuna Jobarteh: Politician 
Abdou Jobe: Managing Director, NAWEC 
Alieu Jobe: ex-Accountant General 
Duta Kamaso: ex-MP, APRC 
Kanyiba Kanyi: Politician 
Lamin Keita: ex-Senior Civil Servant 
Nato Keita: Politician 
Abdoulie Kujabi: ex-Director General, NIA 
Jasaji Kujabi 
Dr. Badara Loum: ex-Permanent Secretary 
Lt Ebou Lowe 
Mustapha Lowe: College student 
Bamba Manneh: ex-NIA operative 
Chief Ebrima B. Manneh: journalist, Daily Observer newspaper 
Fatou Jaw Manneh: journalist 
Kebba Yorro Manneh: Politician 
Daba Marena: ex-Director General, NIA 
Malick M’boob: ex-Daily Observer, RV 
Sulayman Sait M’boob: ex-Minister, IEC Commissioner 
Sergeant Buba Mendy 
Captain Pierre Mendy 
Omar Ndow: former Managing Director of Gamtel/Gamcel 
Ndondi S.Z. Njie: former Chairman of IEC 
Alhagie Nyabally: ex-President, Gambia Student Union 
Alassan Nyassi 
Balla Nyassi

Dr. Badara Loum: Former Permanent Secretary, Agriculture 
Private Alagie Nying: Gambia National Army 
Sam Obi: Daily Express, RFI correspondent 
Baba Saho: ex-NIA director, External Security 
Musa Saidykhan: former Editor-In-Chief, The Independent newspaper 
Betrand Sambou 
Dodou Sanneh: former journalist, GRTS 
Ebrima Sillah Sanneh: ex-IEC officer 
Lamin Sanneh: former Permanent Secretary 
Sergeant Abdoulie Sanyang 
2nd Lt Pharing Sanyang: Gambia National Army 
Commander MB Sarr: Gambia National Army 
Lt M. Savage: Gambia National Army 
Ebou Secka: ex-Senior Civil Servant 
Nourou Secka: ex-NIA operative 
Momodou Senghore: ex-Senior Civil Servant 
Ousman Sey: Marabout 
Musa Sheriff: journalist, Gambia News & Report magazine 
Amie Sillah: journalist, women activist 
Alieu Singhateh: ex-NIA operative 
Kebba Singhateh: Politician 
Modou Sonko: journalist, Daily Observer newspaper 
Private Ebrima Sonko 
Juldeh Sowe: journalist, The Independent newspaper 
Issac Success: journalist, Daily Express newspaper 
Azziz Tamba: Politician 
Ebou Waggeh

Arrest and Detention of Journalists

October 2005: Abdoulie Sey 
2005: Musa Saidykhan 
March 2006: Musa Saidykhan 
March 2006: Madi Ceesay 
April 2006: Lamin Fatty

Journalists on Exile in Senegal, Europe and the US

Pa Ousman Darboe 
Alieu Badara Sowe 
Pa Ousman Darboe 
Musa Saidykhan 
Sulayman Makalo 
Omar Bah 
Alhagie Mbye 
Ebrima Sillah 
Augustus Mendy 
Bankole Thompson 
Papa Colley 
Sulayman Darboe 
Fatou Jaw Manneh 
Pa Omar Jatta 
Momodou Thomas 
Musa Saidykhan 
Ansumana Badjie 
Pa Samba Jaw 
Sarjo Bayang 
Pa Nderry Mbai 
Cherno Baba Jallow 
Ebrima Ceesay 
Baba Galleh Jallow 
Ebrima G. Sankareh 
Yankuba Jambang 
Mathew K. Jallow 
Military/Security mysterious deaths

Captain Tumbul Tamba 
Captain Musa Jammeh 
Colonel Vincent Jatta 
Lieut. Solomon Jammeh 
Pa M. Jallow 
Manlafi Sanyang 
Boye Bah 
Momodou Bah 
Illo Jallow

Military/Security/Civilian recently detained

Lang Tombong Tamba 
Bore Badjie 
Omar Bun Mbye 
Demba Njie 
Lamin Fatty 
Yankuba Drammeh 
Malamin Jarju 
Kawsu (Bombardier) Camara 
Ngorr Secka, NIA 
Ensa Badjie 
Bun Sanneh 
Sarjo Fofana

Military/Security/Civilians: detained, released, fled

Captain Bunja Darboe 
Capt Yahya Darboe 
Capt. Wassa Camara 
2nd Lt Pharing Sanyang 
Alieu Jobe 
Tamsir Jasseh 
Omar Faal 
Demba Dem, 
Col. Ndure Cham 
Abdoulie Kujabi 
Kemo Balajo 
Alieu Singhateh 
Foday Barry 
Landing Sanneh

Executed Military and Security officers 2006 
Daba Marenah 
Alieu Ceesay 
Alpha Bah 
Manlafi Corr 
Ebou Lowe

Students Massacred April 11th. 2000

Reginald Carrol 
Karamo Barrow 
Lamin A. Bojang 
Ousman Sabally 
Sainey Nyabally 
Ousman Sembene 
Bakary Njie 
Claesco Pierra 
Momodou Lamin Njie 
Ebrima Barry 
Wuyea Foday Mansareh 
Bamba Jobarteh 
Momodou Lamin Chune 
Abdoulie Sanyang 
Omar Barrow 
Burama Badjie

Gambians Missing and Disappeared Since 2005

Ebrima (Chief) Manneh: arrested July 2006 
Kanyiba Kanyi arrested September 2006 
Haruna Jammeh arrested in 2005 
Marcie Jammeh arrested in 2005 
Alfusainey Jammeh arrested in 2005 
Momodou Lamin Nyassi arrested in 2005 
Ndongo M’boob arrested in 2006 
Buba Sanyang arrested in 2006 
Alieu Lowe arrested in March 2006, 
Sgt. Sam Kambai arrested in 2006 
Bakary Gassama arrested in 2007 
Kebba Secka arrested in 2007 
Ebrima Dibba arrested in May 2008, 
Ebrima Kunchi Jammeh arrested in May 2008

Cases of Regime ordered Arsons against media personals.

August 8th. 2001, Radio Station 1 FM, was set ablaze around 2 a.m. in the morning, after proprietor George Christensen and his watchman were doused with hazardous chemicals in the hope of incinerating them. The two victims survived the ordeal, but the station was a total loss.

August 10th. 2001, the home of Alieu Bah, Radio I FM journalist, who moderated debates and discussions between prominent personalities, was set ablaze around 3 a.m. while he, his wife and children were asleep. The family narrowly escaped death, but the house was gutted to the ground.

October 17th. 2003, The Independent Newspaper premises were set on fire around 3 a.m in the morning when three unidentified masked men stormed the building, assaulted the night watchman and then sprayed him with fire hazard chemical in the hope he would burn to death. But he luckily survived the assault. The premises were destroyed beyond recognition.

April 13th. 2004, the Kanifing printing facilities of the Independent Newspaper was set on fire around 2 a.m. by six individuals dressed in military fatigue. The printing machinery and other hardware equipment were completely destroyed.

August 15th. 2004, the home of B.B.C reporter, Ebrima Sillah was set on fire as he slept. He narrowly escaped.

Arrests and Detentions of Journalists

September 19th. 2003, around 6 p.m. Abdoulie Sey, the Editor-in-Chief, The Independent Newspaper was arrested from his office by intelligence agents and held incommunicado. He was released four days later.

September 2005, Musa Saidykhan, Editor-in-Chief, The Independent Newspaper, was detained for interrogation for a brief period of time shortly after returning from a South African journalist conference.

March 27th. 2006, Musa Saidykhan, Editor-in-Chief, The Independent Newspaper, was arrested again by security agents a few days after publishing an article critical of Yahya Jammeh’s reactions in the wake of an alleged coup attempt on March 21, 2007. He was released after three weeks in detention.

March 2006, Madi Ceesay, The Independent General Manager, arrested by the regime’s agents, was released after three weeks of detention.

April 10th. 2006, Independent reporter, Lamin Fatty was arrested from his home by NIA agents and released after two months in detention and charged with false publication.

April 25th. 2006, Independent receptionist, Juldeh Sowe, was arrested and released after several hours.

July 7th. 2006, Daily Observer journalist, Ebrima Chief Manneh, was arrested by NIA officials from the Observer premises, was seen in public once after two years detention, at the Royal Victoria Hospital, sick and emaciated. Six powerful U.S Senators; Edward Kennedy, Richard (Dick) Durbin, Russell (Russ) Feingold and Joe Lieberman among others wrote to Yahya Jammeh asking him to release Journalist Manneh after being held for nearly three years. Manneh has since been confirmed murdered by Jammeh’s agents.

May 24th. 2006, following the hacking of the online, Freedom Newspaper, five Gambian journalists whose names appeared on the paper’s readers list were arrested and detained for different lengths of time. After several months they were released. They are:

Musa Sheriff 
Pa Modou Faal 
Lamin Cham 
Sam Obi 
Malick M’boob

Other arbitrary arrests against journalist 
September 2006, a Gambia Radio and Television Services reporter, Dodou Sanneh, was arrested and detained, and later fired, rehired and fired again from his job government job.

March 28th. 2007, Fatou Jaw Manneh, a U.S. based Gambian journalist, was arrested at the airport, her traveling documents seized and charged with sedition. Her Kangaroo trial lasted more than a year. Her heavy fine was paid with donations from family and friends from all around the world.

December 16th. 2005, police ruffed Ramatoulie Charreh up after the participants in a conference she attended, attempted to visit the spot where journalist Deyda Hydara was gunned down.

2006, Njaimeh Bah, Point Newspaper reporter, attacked by unknown assailants, was severely beaten.

December 12. 2006, Baron Eloagou, reporter for the Daily Express, was severely beaten by unknown assailants.

December 2006, Abdougafar Olademinji, reporter for the Daily Express, was attacked by unknown assailants and beaten severely.

June 14th. 2009, seven journalists and members of the Gambia Press Union (GPU), were rounded up from various locations by heavily armed paramilitary agents and detained at NIA headquarters before being transferred to the notorious Mile 2 prison outside Banjul. The group listed below, were granted bail and charged with publishing seditious material and their case is ongoing despite protestations of regional and international organizations such as Media Foundation for West Africa, Amnesty International, Community to Protect Journalists. 
Emil Touray, Secretary General Gambia Press Union 
Sarata Jabbi Dibba, Vice President, Gambia Press Union 
Pa Modou Faal, Treasurer, Gambia Press Union 
Pap Saine, Managing Director, The Point Newspaper 
Ebou Sawaneh, Editor, The Point Newspaper 
Sam Sarr, Managing Editor, The Foroyaa Newspaper 
Abubakr Saidy-Khan, journalist, Foroyaa newspaper. 

June 16th. 2009, Abdulhamid Adiamoh, Publisher of Today Newspaper, was arrested for false publication and detained at National Intelligence headquarters. Forced to plead guilty or face deportation back to Nigeria, he was fine an extortive amount of money or face six months jail time. 
June 22nd. 2009, Augustine Kanja, a reporter for The Point Newspaper, was arrested and detained by security agents. He was released June 25th, 2009.

Attempted Murders: Fled Gambia
Ousman Sillah: Attorney/Lawyer 
Mai Fatty: Attorney (Attorney/Lawyer

Foreign nationals executed in Gambia
44 Ghanaians 
2 Senegalese 
1 Togolese 
2 Nigerians

72 Ministers: Appointed and Fired

Mass Axi Gai 
Angela Colley 
Kanja Sanneh 
Neneh Macdoual-Gaye 
Therese Ndong-Jatta (resigned) 
Maba Jobe (hired & fired before taking office) 
Momodou Lamin Sedat Jobe (resigned) 
Joseph Henry Joof (resigned) 
Satang Jow (retired) 
Yankuba Kassama 
Margaret Keita 
Ousman Badjie 
Samba Bah 
Lamin Kaba Bajo 
Musa Bittaye 
Amie Bensouda 
Fatou Bom Bensouda 
John P. Bojang 
Momodou Bojang 
Nyimasata Sanneh 
Bojang Mamat Cham 
Ebrima Ceesay 
Momodou Nai Ceesay 
Ousman Koro Ceesay (murdered) 
Sulayman Massaneh Ceesay 
Bakary Bunja Dabo 
Fasainey Dumbuya 
Samba Faal 
Omar Faye 
Sadibou Haidara (murdered) 
Sheikh Tijan Hydara 
Blaise Jagne 
Balla Garba Jahumpa 
Momodou Sarjo Jallow 
Dr Amadou Scattred Janneh 
Manlafi Jarju 
Tamsir Mbowe 
Dominic Mendy 
Alieu Ngum 
Bakary Njie 
Omar Njie 
Susan Waffa-Ogoo 
Hawa Sisay Sabally 
Sana B. Sabally 
Abdoulie Sallah 
Hassan Sallah 
Momodou Sallah 
Sidy Morro Sanneh 
Kebba Sanyang 
Samsudeen Sarr 
Cheyassin Secka 
Musa Sillah 
Edward Singhatey 
Raymond Sock 
Amina Faal Sonko 
Baboucarr Jatta 
Famara Jatta 
Kumba Ceesay-Marenah 
Mustapha Marong 
Fafa Mbai 
Musa Mbenga 
Sulayman Mboob 
Bolong Sonko 
Bai Mass Taal 
Fatoumatta Tambajang 
Bemba Tambedou 
Yankuba Touray 
Crispin Grey Johnson 
Antouman Saho 
Lamin Bojang 
Marie Saine Firdaus

Edward Gomez

Mamburay Njie

Compiled by Mathew K Jallow

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