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Senegal you make us proud

by Fatou Jaw Manneh
Senegal you make us proud
Nothing but respect dear Senegal
Who said dictators cannot be cornered, whipped and trashed??
Rappers, Market vendors, street hawkers, activists, professors
You all showed us what it means to be responsible citizens

Senegal you make us proud
Wade defied all odds and still want to be president
Then sprang 14 challengers to take him head on
Tanor, Nyass, Seck, Fall, Gadio, Diahateh, Sowe,
Ndoye, Ngom, Jeng, Gaye and Sall
How sweet their names sound already!!
They all broke their horns and rallied behind Macky
The poularr whom he betrayed and disgraced
After sweating for him for years
Has topped them all and is now looking him squarely in the face,
Korr Jam, Maajam Si Allah Jabbi Jabaani!!
Killing him slowly to the curb!!

Senegal you make us proud
Abdulaye Wade almost bribed the whole country
Wants to continue by any means necessary
And you the Senegalese equally vowed his exit by any means necessary
Is that not what patriotism is all about!
With maturity and beauty you all garnered,
Meticulously organized yourselves against a dictator
Just too beautiful watching you guys play hardball with Wade

Senegal you make us proud
You put country above self and everything else
Now I believe in these holy words that
Surely you take one step towards God and he responds in 12 steps towards you
Wade fancied his neighbor the cannibal
Oh no you warned him that you are a totally different group of people
No ass kissing, bootlicking, cowardice or greediness will make you sell Senegal

Oh Senegal you make us all proud
The nation of Teranga
Sunugal Yoballeh Ma
Where young boys dance better than girls,
Women take pride in cooking Chaeb and romancing their men
Jal jalli, Nemali, Serr and Ferr their favorite words
Devoid of foolish arrogance, pettiness or shyness
The men, elite, street or fisherman
Will go on their knees and ask a woman to dinner,
No strings attached but just to celebrate the love and respect for a lady!!

Senegal you make us proud
Who said a corrupt and selfish leader cannot be uprooted?
The Land of the great Sheik Anta Diop, Bamba, Mbake, Nyass and Sey
Dakar, Matam, Seydio,TambaKunda,St.Louis, Cheis and Almadie
A people very spiritual, clever, intelligent, smart, savvy and patriotic
The rappers make us proud, the activists make us proud and Alieu Tine God bless Ya !!
The learned, the illiterate, the political and the non political
You all make us proud oh Senegal

Senegal you make us proud
Youssou  Maa Jigeen  Yoballehma!!
To Ndakaru Njie with the nice blue water,
Cafes, tangal, cappuccino, dibiterie and boulangeries
Walking the Cornish is like little heaven on earth
Who said you have to have degrees to be a responsible citizen?
Who said you have to be elite to be able to chase a greedy dictator away?
Cheih Anta Diop will be equally proud of you Ndour
You are consistent, sensible, resilient and dedicated
Never knew the king of Mbalax is no coward but a true patriot
A political warrior and yes oh yes I love this song about Papa Njie

Papa Njie
Nyu Barri Denyi Lahamull Njie
Man Mee Njie
Gom naani Saholbi bi Daffareffett

Nit Kulai Outt Jaem Jaem Jottula
DenaSait KigaJaenaa Jeggeh MuJaarehhfah
Ba Yahhala
Biraanno Buko Faaleh
Ndahh Ku Giss  Kula Nehh - ho Waww
Yobbaaaaaaaaah – lehh-  KO
Ca c'est vrai!!!!
Senegal you make us proud