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Operation Girls Catch Yaya

by Fatou Jaw Manneh (maafanta archives - 2010)

Yes we can do it and we should. Now!! It is about time that girls catch Yaya Jammeh. I was sitting here 10:15 pm , glued to the TV as Chileans’ clap and cry with joy as rescuers brought back to surface the first of the 30 Chilean miners trapped underground. The Chilean President and the First lady were present so are relatives and country men and women who gathered and did everything possible to make sure they innovate and initiate a system that will save these miners. Even the almighty United States applauds the Chilean engineers and constructors who meticulously devised a method to save the miners who spent some 67 days underground. They took a step and the world helped and prayed for and with them.

As the first rescued miner came all the way to the tip, they took a slight halt and my heart started pouncing hard. What if something just goes wrong? This guy is going back into the hole !I could not tell how to contribute; I pulled my prayer beads and recited subhanallah, allahuakbar and alhamdullilah. Praising the almighty God to help the miners. God has kept them alive all this time and he should please guide them back to the surface. And God did indeed answer to all the prayers.

But the most important lesson learned though is that Chileans did not even wait for the world engineers to assemble for help. They initiate it themselves, and the world responded, and with 2000 journalists descending to cover their bravado, it could not have been sweeter for the Chileans and the world.

Flashing back on that day and to my country, that morning I shed a tear again as news just came through my emails, from Ndey Jobarteh, Jabou Joh and one Neneh Bojang, That Dr. Isatou Touray and Amie Bojang Sissoho have been arrested. I have never met the two ladies, but they are known all over the country. With few calls and few emails we confirmed the news. These two professional women are accused of theft, 30 000 Euros from a Spanish organization. I almost laughed. The charges are all false like any other that Yaya Jammeh has meted to citizens with the help of dishonest intellectuals, and citizens. What has the government got to do with some theft at a nonprofit organization I wondered?

The most corrupt, brutal, violent and heartless vampire in the form of a human being called Yaya Yammeh, is smearing and humiliating Gambian citizens one at a time as we watch in helplessness. The biggest thief in Africa bar none,  is accusing these two women of stealing. From the get go I knew it is all lies. That is his new trick now, smear, humiliate, arrest and jail. With the help very corrupt and heartless prosecutors. What is so enticing about Jammeh that anyone should risk their reputation just to make him happy I really don’t know.. And happy Jammeh shall never be because his cruelty knows no limits.

A nouveau- riche, haunted by a sense of tribal, social and intellectual inferiority that no amount of awards , money, titles and planes and hummers can cure the terrible self low esteem embedded in his persona.The guy has zero self esteem.

Gambian women need to rise up to Yaya Jammeh the dictator. Jammeh has humiliated our men enough, threw a bunch of them in exile, killed and jailed some. The guy is such a jealous, paranoid moron that he cannot stand the name of any man in the Gambia. All popular Gambian lawyers, businessmen, military men are all being hounded and baited by the day.

Now he is taking his vampire insatiable desire for cruelty on our women. I was nabbed, so was Sarata Jabbi Dibba, Mariam Khan, Mariam Denton, now Dr. Istou Touray and Amie Bojang. If we do not rise up, Jammeh will soon destroy the main fabric of our society. Using and turning our women to greedy hounds and festival freaks. We should not let Jammeh destroy our country. We have equal responsibility like any other Gambian to do whatever it takes.

Now his eyes are set on destroying our professional women, mothers and educators whom he perceives as a threat. Jammeh did not even spare, women who shamelessly embraced him. He humiliated and belittled them all and is  moving to the next target by the day and not looking back.

Girls we can do it, cause if we don’t Jammeh will get to all our mums our sisters and our friends. He is no God. Jammeh is just one cruel lumatic whom Gambians should muster the courage, energy and cohesion to represent the full grievousness of our distress. We have to stand up to him. Death comes only once girls!! We can do this. If serious minded and genuine Gambians put their hands together, Jammeh will not last a day. He is just a bully but a serious coward. Let us pull our heads together, call an emergency meeting and see what can be done with President Yaya Jammeh ASAP.

Gambia belongs to all of us. Jammeh cannot dictate who dies or lives. I am calling on. Isatou Njie Saidy to dump the guy before he gets to her. Am calling on Mariam Denton, Awa Ceesay Sabally, Ya Fatou Sonko, on the ground. In the diaspora, I will call on Jabou Joh , Aisha Saidy and Carrie Janneh of Maafanta.com, Sigga Jagne, Chris Sukuna of STGDP, Ndey Jobarteh in Norway/Sweden and Ndey tapha Sosseh in Mali. Girls, we can do it.

Jammeh’s idiocy knows no bounds and needs to be stopped. We can do it. Easily if we want. We all remember the tale of this woman who went to see a marabout to tame her difficult husband. The marabout asked her to go bring him lion’s milk as part of the concoction or amulet. The woman pondered and pondered and finally brought the milk from the lion. We all know how violent a nursing female lion is, but the woman brought the milk right? Brought the milk to the marabout and the marabout thanked her that now all her prayers are answered. The woman narrated the complicated ordeal of how she got the milk from the lion, well said the marabout. That is your amulet right there. “Go and do the same device you did to get the milk from the lion and your husband shall be yours. The woman did and not even with much effort as she did the lion and bang she got what she needed.

Jammeh is not even a lion. Let us start the countdown to Jammeh’s dictatorship. Now!

We can draw upon the strength and stamina of Winnie Mandela, The prophets wife,(PUH), Khadija and Aisha, Fir -Aouns wife Assiya, Cleopatra, The legendary Nehanda of Zimbabwe, the female spiritual leader who led the first Chimurenga, or war of liberation against colonists in 1896. For her leadership role in the revolt, nehanda was hanged by the british, and famously proclaimed before her death at the gallows, “My bones will rise again!” We can do this and the time is now!

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Published 2010

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