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Why President Sall should take out Yahya Jammeh

Straight to Rebeuss!!!


Fatou Jaw Manneh

President Macky Sall of Senegal should take out the madman of The Gambia. And yes, by any means necessary. The tyrant’s latest ranting, which purposely provokes Senegal, is one more reason to boot him out of power. Envious of President Sall’s international standing and disgruntled about his own isolation, he vented snide remarks at the Senegalese leader as a stooge of the West. As for Sall’s predecessor Abdoulaye Wade, he had promised to sip coffee on his bald head if he dared to try him. And before that, he had no cozy relations with Diouf either.

For 20 plus years, Yahya Jammeh has been oppressing the Gambian people and taunting Senegal or anyone else who rattles the demons in him.

Yahya Jammeh hates Senegal because he perceives it as a threat to his despotic worldview. First of all, Senegal is a beacon of hope, civility and class in Africa and to the world at large. The people are outspoken, opinionated and bold when it comes to defending their human rights, civil liberties and democratic institutions. Their independent mindedness is the envy of the world. I have seen the best human rights activists in Senegal from journalists to seamen, professors to politicians, and intellectuals to the people in the street.

A 15 year-old boy or girl in Senegal will feel at home debating the issues of the day without any fear of reprisals. The people are invested in the affairs of their country and how progressive they want it to be. They are equally protective of their independent mindedness as citizens. I am always moved to hear my Senegalese nephews boast about how democratic Senegal is and how freely they discuss issues of their nation.

That will never happen in The Gambia under Yahya Jammeh. The mad tyrant has destroyed all forms of institutional avenues for national advancement. He has also systematically destroyed all forms of decent human interaction between the Gambian people. Political discourse is only allowed to the degree he finds acceptable. The Constitution exists only as mere words on paper for him.

He has destroyed numerous family relationships, caused rifts between husbands and wives, and prostituted girls and married women through intimidation or inducement with money. He has reduced many to worship him and their integrity to ashes. He has locked up, tortured, and killed many good sons and daughters of the country, leaving their families in anguish, grief, and hopeless depression. Mentally, physically, spiritually Yahya Jammeh has robbed Gambians of our peace of mind. The population lives in fear of the lunatic.

Senegal is the nation of teranga and its sister country Gambia, the smiling coast of Africa. But The Gambia known as the smiling coast of Africa is now no more. Yahya Jammeh had made it into the crying coast. This Banjul madman is a terror machine walking over corpses of good people of the Gambia. He destroyed all forms of advancement or progress in the Gambia, human or institution. There is little need to go on about him. The situation in The Gambia is quite obvious to Senegal. What it begs for is remedy. To bring change for freedom, liberty, democracy, and harmonious bilateral relations.

President Sall may not want to get involved in the internal matters of The Gambia. But Yahya Jammeh knows no bounds when it comes to creating havoc. It’s an open secret he has been meddling in the internal politics of Senegal. He is a clear and present danger to both The Gambia and Senegal. He is also a manipulative character of the worst kind. President Sall should not just consider him a moron and dismiss his rudeness and crazy ramblings. History shows that madmen in power should never be accommodated. Adolf Hitler, Genghis Khan, Idi Amin, Leopold II of Belgium, Pol Pot and Joseph Stalin, to name a few, were all dismissed at first. It took horrors of dead bodies in each instance before good people with the means mustered the will to put down these monsters.

Senegal’s national security and interest are at stake in the removal of Yahya Jammeh. He must go for the good of both countries! The tinpot despot has for the longest time used the conflict in Casamance as a leverage to undermine successive Senegalese leaders. He stokes the flames of that conflict to blackmail and conspire against the Senegalese government. He has aided and abetted the rebels in Casamance by providing them with material support and sanctuary to further his wicked intent to destabilize Senegal. Glad Macky has given attention to the plight of Casamance in positive developments. (Macky prend le taureau par les cornes Par Fatou Jaw Manneh). Yayha Jammeh’s past overtures to broker peace in Casamance were phony and cynical to hide his covert support for the rebels. His hypocrisy has already been uncovered by the Senegalese intelligence. And he creates and prolongs border disputes between our two countries to inflict financial and economic costs on Senegal.

Where Yahya Jammeh is concerned, Senegal has no good name to protect. He has always pointed fingers at Senegal for every real or imagined threat he faced. Just this year, he accused Senegal of involvement in the last December plot to oust him from power. Such accusations can be traced back to years of his mistrust of Senegal irrespective of who the leader happens to be. Many times he accused Senegal of harboring or creating/acting as a safe haven for his growing army of detractors fleeing his country. And we thank Senegal for stretching their hand of terranga to Gambian refugees. All the unease and accusations date back to the early years of his coup and continues to the present.

Perhaps the most notable was in 2005 when Senegal closed the border after a feisty Banjul-Dakar misunderstanding over ferry tariffs, culminating in vitriol from him to then Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade. Nor was Abdou Diouf in no less cozy relation him for making several skewed, twisted, warped and illogical references to the Casamance imbroglio.

By then it became no secret to the Senegalese intelligence community that Jammeh was more than meddling in their southern province where renegades have been prosecuting low-intensity war of independence against the central government of Dakar.

Despite his several phony attempts at being an honest broker, the complicit interference of the Jammeh–led government in the conflict only served to widen the gulf between the two neighbors. The advent of Macky Sall was characterized by much postulation of goodwill from Jammeh who less than a year later but after the execution of nine prisoners on death row, including two Senegalese, one a woman by the name of Tabara Samba, whose son is constantly pleading for his Mother’s death body to be returned.

Hostility set in and true to form, disparaging barbs fired from Banjul reached Dakar to the chagrin of Senegals new leader. Actually Jammeh the idiot does not even know that Senegal is only avoiding his mischief. But ignoring him at the detriment of Gambian citizens is in a way solidifying his grip of tyranny on Gambian citizens.

The most annoyingly is his religious hypocrisy. It is a shame to share the beautiful religion of islam with this terrorist in the name of President Jammeh. He has no faith in God or the Quran. He worships jinns, Satan and indulges in debauchery. A good muslim does not create havoc on his citizens. He is a hypocrite and a fake Muslim. He has no respect for the Quran, the word of God or the teachings of Muhammad (PBUH). He has arrested, tortured and exiled our brave Imams and religious teachers who won’t kowtow to his idiocy or condone debauchery. He spends most of his time abusing young girls and prostituting their mothers, too.

Macky please remember, leaders are termed as great not ONLY because they are smart, popular or handsome or have fine policies or nice temperament. Yes, all those qualities count, BUT more so for the risks they take for the greater good, even if that might spell doom for their popularity, or cost them their kingdoms and positions. Leaders are many but only a few are great leaders. Gambia is going to count on you to be one of those great leaders.

Senegal should regard Yahya Jammeh for what he truly is: an ENEMY. Senegal has the powers to suffocate this Jammeh in the current jungle he created as Gambia, or catch him and send him to Rebeuss!!! He is a terrorist, a criminal and a serial killer so he deserves a place in Rebeuss!!! Or at least Senegal should give way to patriotic Gambians to do just that. This is an emergency. We are not scared of him. Please don't stand in our way. Yahya Jammeh is brutal, idle and lazy. Gambia is under the curse of a BOMBACLAAT who wakes up in the morning sniffing for which family to destroy, which decent citizen to torture or kill, turning Gambia into crazy land. Yahya Jammeh has no place in a civilized world.

His playbook is to always blame whoever is the president of Senegal as the problem between our two countries. First it was Abdou Diouf. Then came Abdoulaye Wade. And now it’s Macky Sall. If he continues to cling to power, he will move on to the next leader. The truth of the matter is, his problem is not with any particular leader, but with Senegal itself. He is never interested in peaceful bilateral relations because he thrives on conflicts and hostilities to explain away his glaring failures and despotism in The Gambia.

President Sall, it is long overdue to finally deal with this menace. Over twenty years of oppression for The Gambia and an open provocation for Senegal are enough. You have it in your power to end it all. To help bring freedom and liberty to The Gambia, and usher in a new and lasting bilateral relations based on peaceful and constructive cooperation. We are appealing to the Teranga of Senegal. To the reasoning and international and intellectual clout of Senegalese sons and daughters. Please Macky Sall and Senegal, in the name of Allah (SWT), Muhammad (PBUH), invoke the spirits of Omar Futi Tall, Sreign Bamba Touba, Ibrahim Baye Nyass, Serigne Mansour Sey, in the name of all your men and women warriors, Linguerr warriors Queen Ndaté Yalla Mbodj, (http://www.cnn.com/2015/04/08/africa/gallery/yz-yseult-the-women-warriors-of-senegal/ we ask for help. Yaya Jammeh must go!! Yaya Jammeh to Rebeuss!!Senegal Lets Go

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