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Yaya Jammeh must Go!!!!

By Fatou Jaw Manneh

Voila! Who would have thought some ten years ago, or even some five, three years ago, Gambians vying to chase Yaya Jammeh out of office would be a crowded field. It is so real that it looks and feels surreal. Gosh! within weeks, we have candidates come out of their shells, fears and reservations to chase the Banjul Tyrant out of power. We have GDCs, Mama Kandeh, Dr. Isatou Touray, first ever female presidential aspirant, and the newly minted Adama Barrow of the UDP, looking straight into the eyes of Yaya Jammeh and standing bold to chase him out of office come December.

We are so very elated.

Jammeh has been terrorizing, bullying, pitting Gambians against each other for over twenty years and counting. He bullied Gambians to hopelessness. To a point many are giving up on the hope of or ability to take him out of office by democratic means. Many argued the only way this Dictator can give up power is by the bullet. Yaya Jammeh has killed, tortured, raped, jailed Gambians for over twenty years with a yearly renewal of dedication and zeal of perpetuating his sadistic act to unleash terror on Gambians; from Gambia to Senegal, to the Diaspora. Jammeh's terror can be felt in every corner on every Gambian around the globe. The long hand of this monster is not lost on any Gambian wherever they maybe.

Yaya Jammeh has physically and mentally exhausted every Gambian, friend or foe. Those who love and support him, meet the same kind of humiliation, terror and death. Never has Gambia witness such wickedness from her very own son or is he? He humiliated and tortured, his supporters, his opponents, the opposition parties and their supporters, lawyers, and, especially journalists who bear the brunt of his daily ridicule and terror. We lost journalists Deyda and Barrow to a bullet, and Chief Manneh still missing. Addressing Jammeh as evil, brutal and heartless will be an understatement. This man has zapped life out of almost every Gambian, unsparing even newest born babies, whose faith lies at the feet of his shrines to fill his unquenchable thirst for blood.

He shook the faith of many, making them relive his daily horrors and terrors with a constant reminder of his presence as the president of The Gambia. Jammeh is the epitome of evil and evil indeed he is.

Beyond measure, Jammeh is equally as rude, raw, shameless, greedy, unforgiving, vindictive, sadistic and have no mercy. He is beyond containment and has exhausted our neighbors (Senegal), the region and the African continent at large. His foolery and clownishness is the comedy of the world. You will think Gambia is as small country in a world population of over a seven billion would be lost in the geography of the world. Be hold!  His brutal leadership, greed and dangerous personality has brought us to the front of world affairs, made The Gambia very famous for every wrong reason.

After all is said and done, to think that there is an atom of energy left for Gambians to chase Jammeh out of power democratically by the ballot box is a surprise to many. But within a span of less than two months we have three new faces in the names of Dr. Isatou Touray, who just impressively laid down her manifesto, and vowed to stay for only one term in office if elected, and her team is working hard to flex muscle before December elections. Mama Kandeh of the GDC has already sent Jammeh into panic mode, seducing APRC supporters along with him since his party’s inception and Adama Barrow, the newly elected leader of the UDP looking and sounding all positive reenergizing the UDP party. None of these new leaders aspire to rule like Jammeh. None. But what cannot be lost on them, carry in mind is that Jammeh is a bully, deceitful, heartless, a vicious schemer and married to power. So cohesiveness and cooperation is a must on their side. This new opposition leadership have boldly come out to declare their candidacy for higher office of President. They are going to add their voice to the Gambian opposition party leaders who for over 20 years have borne the brunt of Dictator Yaya Jammeh's wickedness - Ousainou Darboe of UDP and his leadership, Ahmat Bah of the NRP, Omar Jalllow(OJ) of the PPP, Mai Ahmad Fatty of the GMC, Halipha Sallah of PDOIS and Gomez of GPDP.  

As I write, UDP’s Ousainou Darboe and his entourage of the whole leadership of his party are languishing in Jail. Yaya Jammeh killed two of his party members, one by a bullet Solo Sandeng and the other Solo Krumaah of torture in Jail. On Jammeh's orders, the women of UDP, have been dehumanized, their privacy violated, tortured and raped in jail. They are all fighting for their lives in jail this moment. Since Jammeh came into power, OJ Omar Jallow of the PPP, was arrested over twenty-two times (22) and beaten almost to death. I attempted to interview him once about his ordeal during Jammeh tenure, but got so shocked and emotional that I dropped the interview and never attempted again. His story was so alien to the Gambia we know and grew up. It sounds like some aliens have abducted him but not a fellow Gambian. Then came Mai Ahmad Fatty, a practicing lawyer and activist was intentionally run down and struck by a truck, only by a miracle that he escaped death. I visited him years back in recuperation in Dakar 2007, with D.A.Jawo and the late Hon. Buba Baldeh, found him strapped and bandaged neck down. I came out of the visit with a heavy heart. I thought he was going to die or be wholly paralyzed. Thank God he has survived, and still campaigning hard against the brutal Jammeh regime. 

The same story goes for civil servants, army personnel, lawyers, journalists, mothers, uncles even babies. Yaya Jammeh has locked up mothers and their babies. Jammeh has unleashed his wrath on the whole spectrum of the Gambian population. Yaya Jammehs cruel rule has spared none, directly and indirectly. But the new faces are here, go toe to toe with Yaya Jammeh. We are elated but Yaya Jammehs scars run deep on Gambia. It’s over the dermis of every Gambians for over 20 years, especially the youths know only Yaya Jammeh. Gambia is very very small, a field of almost 10 opposition names can be a bit overwhelming. So we are all going to thread this with caution, respect and with zeal.

After my day job in America, Fraud Analyst at an Insurance/Finance Company, I spend my spare time in America, doing volunteer work in immigration courts in person and in letters and writing affidavits in America and around the globe - FOR FREE. I volunteer at the catholic charity to help case workers on immigrants fleeing wars in Africa, mostly the horn of Africa, Somalia, Eritrea. Or , In Nursing homes to keep company with older folks, thus helping me cope with missing my old mother in Africa. With a heavy heart my mum is worried that I will never go back to The Gambia. All mothers and grandmothers in the Gambia fear for their loved ones abroad who are advocating against the brutal leadership of dictator Yaya Jammeh. I also volunteer at the American Swedish Institute for inspiration. A beautiful, vast, educative and artistic and cultural mansion and whole area of Minneapolis, made lively and livable hundreds of years ago, 1887, by a Newspaperman, Swan Turnblad,  who did all he could to make sure his famine fleeing people from Sweden, Finland and Norway find their way in the new world of America. Started a successful newspaper company and thus made Minneapolis a thriving metropolis in the 1880s, for immigrants especially.

Come January 2017, I am looking forward to receiving Jammeh and some of his cohorts in Immigration offices in Phoenix, driven out at the ballots, seeking asylum after destroying the fabric that holds Gambia tight physically and in spirit. Prepare him for work by merit and sweat at the Macdonald’s fast food restaurant. Until Gambia limps out of the havoc Jammeh will leave behind. Wish I can have the honor of taking Yaya Jammeh for hikes at the mountains in Phoenix next year God willing and watch him open his big mouth struggle for breath as he claims the deep steeps of the mountain trails. No, that would be a luxury. There is a better alternative to that, one that will deliver justice to the injustices he did to many families and Gambians as a whole. I can only hope the next Gambian leader would be forgiving, not be as crude and cruel as Jammeh.

This story goes for a majority of Gambians living abroad. This is our predicament. Jammeh has eradicated that civility about Gambians that dubbed us the title The Smiling Coast of Africa. We will have to try to piece together that Gambian ness that binds us together in the face of a brutal dictator Jammeh, a hypocrite, self-centered, selfish, greedy despot who breaks families, destroy good citizens, have no respect for the rule of law or democracy. His Insatiable taste for wealth and blood, a vampire who craves only for blood not only by midnight moon light but from dawn to dusk. One who loves killing citizens to settle scores and as a sport. For heaven’s sake this fake Muslim Yaya Jammeh even went about digging and desecrating Christian cemeteries, and that of Gambia’s former British colonial government official burial sites. Just because the Gambian Christian community finally gave up on his handouts. This fool and cruel so called Pan African has unleashed on Gambia in 20 years what his colonial Masters failed to do, as he claims of “400” of British slavery over Gambia/Africa. Yaya Jammeh is bad in every sense of the word.

His rudeness and religious intolerance runs deep. Fake Muslim he is. In the holy month of Ramadan, the revered holy month in Islam, a month of forgiveness, this so-called Muslim Yaya Jammeh spent the whole month arresting, beating, jailing and killing and raping his fellow citizens. Yaya Jammeh has no relations to Islam. He connives with intolerant religious terrorists around the Globe in advocating for Islam just so he can keep his begging bowl full from the Arab world. He has no clue about Islam or the teachings of Islam. He is not a Muslim and lacks the character and temperament of a good Muslim leader. He is a fanatical, delusional twisted Muslim.

This announcement of new members of Gambian opposition should be a welcome relief and refreshing to our hopes and dreams of salvaging our Gambia from this mad man Jammeh. We as Gambians should welcome the new leaders and the whole opposition as a whole. Let’s encourage respect. We should encourage them to unite amongst themselves. Even if they cannot under one leader but promote respect and cohesiveness to derive maximum political leverage and strength collectively. Let them strategize and for once scare the hell out of this Kaninlai moron. For once Jammeh has his hands full. Hope the opposition reenergize and make bold and fearless all APRC supporters. Sway them all away from Jammeh and his terror machine.

Gambia is small and very easy to trample on each other's toes. We should encourage them Through advocating for unity and fundraising and other activities to cheer each other up. They must not forget the UDP leadership in jail and all other political prisoners. That should be the rallying cry. Sidia Bayo's claim of lurking in the woods in Niamina is already giving him nightmares. Hope we have more boys in the woods in Nuimi, Badibu and Kombo. We even need some boys to hover in the air over him. We will have to collectively push Jammeh like an albatross off our necks. Yaya Jammeh has to live Gambians alone in one piece and in peace. To live and let live.

One thing we must make for sure that this December, Jammeh MUST GO!!!!!

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