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Happy Birthday Mr. President

by Fatou Jaw Manneh

Happy birthday Yaya Jammeh

How old are you now Yaya Jammeh?47? 

I pray that you live to a 150 years.

May you live to 150 years Yaya Jammeh

So the grandchildren of fathers you've axed, shot or buried alive

Can come visit you in a cage

Then you will be half man and half animal 

This new generation of Gambians can make you a scientific object /subject of study

Here is a creature they would say

Who sadly once was President of the Gambia

He killed parents, friends and enemies alike

He even shot at unsuspecting school children

Happy birthday Mr. President

Your wife Zeinab boasts that you are a wonderful husband and father

If this is not blatant heartlessness what should we call it?

How many Gambian women are robbed off of their wonderful husbands?

How many Gambian children are eternally denied their wonderful fathers

By this superb husband of Zeinab Zuma?

Journalists Deyda Hydara and Sadibu hydara were shot dead ,

And Chief EbrimaManneh is still missing

And God have mercy on his sobbing father

Zeinab as you shoot in the air on a private jet

As you display this grand cake for your superb husband

Zeinab how many women are weeping for their missing wonderful husbands and sons?

How many Gambian men, women and children are suffering?

Without food or access to health and education

Zeinab even the cunning Cleopatra after seducing all the eligible Generals of Rome

Made sure her kingdom was well fed at all costs

Zeinab the huge birthday cake you display for your foolish wonderful husband,

Is indeed another insult to Gambia's predicament

Zeinab Gambia has declared hunger!!

It is official girlfriend and you know it

Do you really really really love this man?????

And at what price Zeinab Zuma??

Zeinab you are not in love with Yaya Jammeh and all this glam is a facade, Superficial and you know it

Zeinab soak this Yaya in a baththub full of hot water

Pour a whole bottle of bleach on this thick head called Yaya Jammeh

And Girl, please scrub well this scumbag you call a wonderful husband

Subhaana Wataahlah you lamented, Girl I send that back to you

And shall add Walahawala, Walakuwata Ilabillaah,God help us with Yaya Jammeh

Happy birthday Mr. President

A bundle of terror this Gambian by the name of Yaya Jammeh

A confused bum who flaunts the Quran yet cannot get enough of drum beats,

Surrounded by his sham and rag tag Imams, tammeh head Gambian intellectuals,

Who, with all the degrees they scored from the free world,

Go back home and play slave for a heartless dictator

What a despicable set of morons

Happy birthday Mr. President

On this your special day Yaya Jammeh, I posed a question to God the almighty

Allah what have we done to you really really really really??

Did we spill your jar of cold water to deserve this animal of a human?

How did we make you sooooooo very angry for such a leader?

Or is it that we are so greedy, stupid, naive, hypocritical,

Collectively incapable and with no faith

That we deserve this kind of leader, a bundle of terror, bundle of a nonentity

A Looney, brick head of a man called Yaya Jammeh

Happy birthday Mr. President

I can swear Yaya you are a very unhappy Birthday boy

You cannot spill so much blood and claim that you are a happy man

On this special day of yours Yaya Jammeh

Did you reflect on how many Gambians and non-gambians you have killed??

Whilst you parade your family and giant birthday cake

How many families have you deprived of this special day?

Zeinab is not in love with you

Actually no woman loves you, but for the drug money you shower on them

This fact that truly resides in you must be painful Yaya Jammeh

All this bums breaking glass for your attention

Clapping and forcing smiles on you

Will they really weep for you when your brickhead is caught up on fire?

These are your brethren cut from the same cloth of filth I suppose

Yaya, every Gambian man I have ever known and seen,

Yaya you are the ugliest of them all in spirit and form

I pray that Gambian women can be strong enough to ignore

The lure of your dirty money, dirty soul and dirty company

Of all the 456 thousand adult men that can keep you company ladies/girls;

Yaya Jammeh should not be one of them please guard yourselves

But Alas just as the mandinkas cry out: poverty can destroy morality?

Ebehh KayangKayangnna Ko Jeekang Buwo, but your day shall come Mr. President

When you shall meet the wonderful fathers you robbed off of their birthday cakes

Mr. PresidentHappy birthday Yaya Jammeh

May you live up to 150 years

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