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Yaya Jammeh and his Mandinka problem.
by Fatou Jaw Manneh
Yaya Jammeh and his entourage after being beaten up by New York protesters went back home to the Gambia fuming and ready for revenge. He was so angry that he has to pull the Gambia out of the Commonwealth. The next day, He and his little "solima, jangakaading, dingkurrungho" Sabally declared on National TV that The United Democratic Party (UDP) and mandinkas are the ones sowing discord in the Gambia.Why have a mandinka as Secretary General in the first place Yaya Jammeh? Can't you see; well I forgot the idiot that you are, won't realize that you just got the madinkas close to the seat of power and so watch out; a  mandinka is privy and handling your daily cabinet, government and presidential affairs as a Minister. How about that for an idiotic, irractic loony president? 

Stupid right! Just go back and watch the video of Sabally reading the press release like a sixth grader. Blood is thicker than water. Like all madinkas of which his "eloquent" mother as he likes to brag about is being insulted in that press release that he read - which  makes him the "solima, jangakaading, dingkurrungho" of the mandinka tribe. That is why he was stammering, trembling and mis-reading the very words that he/you wrote. Oh maybe he has a gun pointed at his Ass. When will these Gambian intellectual prostitutes learn.? C'mon, isn't he the so called inspirational writer/public speaker with a graduate degree for Georgia state university and has authored ten books? Really? Go figure Yaya Jammeh. You think making these ridiculous statements will brew more hatred between the Gambian tribes. Guess what, it is now difficult to meet a Gambian who is purely mandinka , Fula, Jola or sarahulleh or wollof. We are all interrelated. The "divide and rule" strategy. People let us RISE UP and get rid of  Yaya Jammeh .We are not interested in his stupid tricks. It does not matter again who he arrests. He has been jailing, arresting and killing Gambians of all tribes. So collectively, we are going on an all out war with Yaya Jammeh and Yaya Jammeh alone. Gambian citizens are upset and there is a furor over this statement from Gambians all over the world on facebook. Gambians will NOT FALL FOR IT. It seems like this is the last kick of a dying horse - instigating tribal violence in The Gambia.

Jammeh is stripped off of all tricks; he thinks resorting to tribal discord will make him stay in power forever. How wrong!! We do not have a "mandinka problem" in the Gambia Yaya Jammeh. I think that is a secondary issue looking at the magnitude of issues at hand right now in The Gambia. We have a COWARD PROBLEM in the Gambia. The mandinkas as usual have been accused of everything that went wrong under the sun in the Gambia. The UDP party is a very inclusive party in the Gambia contrary to what is been lied about all over town.The names I know in the UDP are Manneh, Nyassy, Aji Sukaina Kah, Mariam Denton, and Aji Yama. It is said that 42% of the Gambia population is Mandinka, of which I can distribute, 2 % of those mandinkas are really for the UDP and the rest are the  mandinkas with Yaya Jammeh’s APRC regime, thus making the problem a bit complicated. They are the liars, prostitutes and slaves that you see working at his farms in kaninlai. They love to report their uncles and brothers to see them suffer.

Mandinkas have deviated from their natural and traditional roles in the Gambian communities.The village idiots among them are the worst. You see how Jammeh behaves?? Cause he is a village idiot. A village idiot man or woman is an idiot who has some serious complex issues  with his/her roots. Do you now observe how the mandinka boys prefer to be called, Ous, Boy, Dembs , Jibbs and Alfonso!! And they do not touch mono and durango no more.And the village idiot girl is seen everywhere trying to rid of that fanting dress. She is clad tight in long Indian temple hair, bleached to the bone. Their low self esteem is bubbling into their fashion choices. They call themselves, Nyimsin, Binsin, Cheppey and Baby. Anything but their real names. The mandinka women and girls are all clawing each other now to reach either Jammeh’s kitchen as a cook, or if  light skinned or can bleach skin, hang long Indian temple hair, "Merrkegg"!! You make it to his bed, whether you are married or not!!! These are the ones competing with city girls, hopping into Jammehs Bed, running the endless Kaninlai festivals. They boast of being close to This Jammeh Solima. They hop into Jammeh’s bed, if they are lucky come back down with few thousand dollars, if not so lucky then a bloody nose! They cannot write their names on paper but they are all executive directors of sham companies facilitated by The King Solima Yaya Jammeh. The list of absurdities can go on and on.I am proud to be a village girl. Shame on Isatou Njie Saidy !

Even though this “mandinka” problem has been swirling around town for a very long time. Jammeh has every reason to come after the UDP..For a start, The UDP leadership is seen by many, including myself as a very useless, inactive party, or to be nice, dormant. Jammeh loves to embarrass them. He picks on them daily. As a political tool, he picks on them to turn some part of the citizenry against the UDP. They do not lift a finger, as Jammeh harasses, arrests and jail them by the day. If a bully knows you are a coward, he picks on you every day. Ousainu Darbo , leader of UDP is a cool, gentle professional lawyer, The man is so cool that at first glance you just want to serve him some tea. His party is the party that claims 40 % of Gambian votes. Yet, we all keep wondering about how to hang on him a bullet proof vest and timberland boots and force him into action.And unless the UDP comes out full force to tackle Yaya Jammeh, they are game every day!!!! WE can bait and beat up Jammeh when he travels, but The State House is in Banjul. Only the man/woman who beats up the dictator Solima Jammeh will occupy it. He will soon accuse the UDP of all the robberies in the country. Because he knows they are a bunch of cowards. “Strategizing” and crying over “complexities” of their Party’s situation.. And God please protect me from their intolerant, arrogant surrogates! This is a very hard fact. I only hope Darboe does not kill this momentum!!!Coventional politics will not work with Jammeh and we cannot wait for 2016 for another sham elections. If people fear your influence, they will dub you a tribalist to cow you into hiding. The frustration is overwhelming.The bullying  will continue. Darboe has just landed at the Banjul international Airport. To him I say: Ousainu Darboe come on out and let's deal with this little Solima.  If Yaya Jammeh was a girl, I would have re -circumcised her long time ago.  Don’t care what Gamcotrap says.I would have plastered some "Jamba Kando" into Jammeh’s pants long time ago.

What has happened in the US during the UN summit is nothing? Unless Gambians can rid of the greed and abandon Yaya Jammeh, blood and tears shall continue to flow.  We do not need drones to fix the mandinka problem. We have a coward problem.Unless we unleash the mandinka in all of us at the state house, this bastard will get away with everything, and he knows who to pick on: The UDP. This menace is more than a party or tribe problem now. It is an assault on every Gambian citizen, We all , as concerned  citizens have to own the Jammeh problem and get rid of him ASAP. We will have to revisit the old ways of settling issues and declaring who is master. Circumcising Jammeh , the Solima King  should not take an hour. So if there are any decency left in us Gambians, then Rise up!!! And get rid of the plaque that is about to succumb our individuality as nation.