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The UDP, please do not despair.
By Fatou Jaw Manneh

We know Yahya Jammeh for what he is. He’s the anti-Muslim Mandinka boyo. We are not going to be fooled.
My father is a Mandinka, my mum Fula, I was born and raised in a Jola community, and named after a Wolof woman. Still under the protection of the sons and daughters of my father's Banjul friends. They care for/about me just like my blood brothers do if not more.
I equally understand the Jola culture as the Fula and Mandinka culture, if not more. So I identify with the Jolas or Fulas as do with Mandinkas. I can easily pass for a Jola.Culturally I know Jola to the T from when a baby is born to adulthood. The traditions, the taboos and all.
Yahya Jammeh can equally pass for a Mandinka boyo. He was born and raised around Mandinkas. Most of his friends and mentors are Mandinkas. I know few of them.

In the Gambia, if you are born from Serrekunda to Fatoto or Barra up to Kaolack, you will be exposed to many cultures. Serrekunda was allotted by Sukutarians to Sere Jobe as a refuge to regroup with his forces fighting a civil war in Senegal. Hence KUNDA in Serekunda. I will dig up the full story for the anti-Mandinka Mandinka boy himself Yahya Jammeh.

I followed the US Republican Convention with utter dismay at their twisted logic on immigration. Second and third generation immigrants themselves. From Donald Drumpf. His grandpa dropped the “F” from his name so as not to sound so German as anti-German sentiments grew in the USA at the time. So even Donald Trump’s grandfather was a scared immigrant here in the USA at one point. So goes for his Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence. Whose grandparents came from Ireland. The party fighting against immigrants are themselves second and third generation immigrants from all over the world.

You can see the guilt in their demeanor. Most of their immigrant fathers and grandfathers were either running away from dictators, religious persecutions, wars or poverty. The front runner’s wife Melanie Trump is a fresh immigrant from Slovenia, modeling in bikinis until she landed the billionaire Trump. Kudos to her. She still cannot speak English but quite lucky to be living the American dream. Now they are all culturally Americans which is a good thing. In this world, we are all interrelated.

So Yahya Jammeh, you cannot tear yourself from being a Mandinka. You speak Mandinka better than any language. I know this because I am expertly informed that your Jola is barely better than your broken English. You are culturally a Mandinka. So your bashing of Mandinkas will not make Mandinkas disappear. Unfortunately for you. Be comfortable with who you are! Be comfortable in your skin. Appreciate diverse cultures. The Gambia is one. We are all interrelated. If you hate yourself or are confused about who or what you are? That is your problem.

Yahya Jammeh portraying himself as a good Muslim is so annoying and hypocritical. His corruption and stealing skunk to high heaven. 900 million on his trail already. He has made it fashionable for Gambians to think that emptying the government coffers is smartness. It’s funny to see Yahya Jammeh the chief thief pretending to be fighting against corruption. Indeed, shameless. Please start with yourself. Yahya Jammeh is presiding over a failed government. He knows it and we know it.

So now he and his hangers-on are all claiming to be promoting Islam. Yahya Jammeh, the vast majority of Gambians have been Muslims way before you made it into this world. The nation has been steadfast in practicing Islam and adhering to the Sunna.

Luckily for Jammeh and unfortunately for The Gambia, God has paired him with this shrewd cunning and heartless partner wife in the name of Zainab Jammeh. Now in their fanatical fantasy minds and world, Jammeh thinks he is the be all, so he can torture, kill and harass Gambians and then change Gambia into an Islamic state and then die and go to heaven and leave our country as an Islamic kingdom under Zainab and her family. What an insult to our intelligence. What an insult to our being, our African consciousness. Ironically, the guy parades himself as a Pan-African, too. What a fool. What a sadistic, attention-crazed, ill-informed fellow.

This so-called Muslim spent the whole of Ramadan arresting law-abiding Muslim citizens — mainly the opposition leader Lawyer Darboe and his colleagues. He spent the Ramadan harassing these elders. Raping women. And finally locking them all up. What kind of a Muslim is he? This sadistic fake Muslim. Ramadan is the month you are supposed to be forgiving to even your enemies. I can attest that all this nonsensical promotion of Islam is out of cementing his powers, continuing his begging relations with the Arab world.
Saddam Hussein was a Muslim, too, and yes he built Iraq. But he also killed and tortured and exiled millions of his citizens. After his fall from power, he was found in a pitiful hole in a pitiful state in his near hometown of Tikrit. Gaddafi was a Muslim, too. And yes he built Libya. He was a Pan-African and every African that met Gaddafi said he was kind and generous. Libyans had free education and healthcare. He was found lurking under a culvert in a pitiful and humiliating state.

Good luck to you Jammeh. God awaits you. Stalin, the dictator of Russia modernized Russia. But he killed millions, too, and starved his citizens to death. No human being could do anything to him in Russia. Guess what? His assistants found him flat on the floor in his big house he occupied ALONE. DESOLATE and wiggling in his own urine.
Because of their obsession with accumulation of power and wealth, their need for attention and the terror they unleashed on their people, their last days on this planet earth was shameful and what a lesson to all morons.

If we are to go by history, Yahya Jammeh your fate will be the worst. You will defecate and smear yourself with your own poop. Inshallah, God Willing. That will be how God will make you a lesson for any cruel and greedy Gambians to come as a leader. Your era is a painful and difficult one but a lesson for Gambia till eternity.
To the UDP supporters I say do not despair. Allah’s time is the best.

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