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My Thoughts on the Donald


Fatou Jaw Manneh


I don’t mind Donald Trump but….....

I am confused. I guess, by American standards, I’m a liberal. I took a survey before to find my political leanings and I am matched with Hilary Clinton except on foreign policy. Yes, I believe in tight border security for America even though I am not a citizen. As a black immigrant and a Muslim, I might as well pack my bags to the unknown if Donald Trump becomes president. To the unknown because I am a Gambian refugee in the United States of America for starters. (I had to delay publishing this article for a week as news got in that the The Gambian President Dictator Yaya Jammeh just gunned downed peaceful protesters asking for electoral reforms). America are you ready for a dictatorship?

A while back, I hopped into a Lyft taxi in downtown Phoenix. And before I could even settle into the seat, my talkative Mexican driver asked if I would be voting for Donald Trump. “Maybe,” I retorted. His eyes widened in bewilderment at my supposed ignorance about the bomb-throwing candidate. “Donald Trump is a racist!” he spat out emphatically. When I told him that I didn’t believe so, he argued that Trump only attacked people he disliked to make Americans angry instead of talking about real solutions to the country’s problems. “Nooo!” I spat back. “Donald Trump is not a racist. He is not as bad as you think.”

The Mexican driver was in full campaign mode against Donald Trump and I knew why. Mexico was The Donald’s first target when he launched his campaign. He called Mexicans as rapists, gangsters and drug smugglers, and vowed to build a wall on the border with the country. So I understood why the Mexican driver was so upset with him. But pretending that I never heard those vile words from The Donald, I asked the driver why he thought Trump was a racist. He shook his head to show how upset he felt at my ignorance. “He is not a good man. He is a racist. Are you American?” I answered that I’m African. “Oh Africa, I heard you eat with your hands there,” he chortled. No wonder! I must be African and stupid, if I cannot see Donald Trump for who he is? “Yes,” I retorted, “we fill our mouths with handfuls of rice and just swallow it. We do so because we believe God has given us hands for exactly that reason.” I was so pissed off at the Mexican brother that, for a moment, I really thought of slapping him. But again, like so many things in America, ignorance is color blind. What could possibly be wrong with eating with one’s hand? Thinking about it, I’ve never felt so proud of our natural way of eating with our hands!

I insisted to him that The Donald is not as racist as he comes across or as his harsh words convey. “You don’t have to worry at all. Donald Trump is not even a republican. See why the Republicans are all jittery scouting for someone else, at all costs, who fit their conservative “values.” The danger though is that Donald Trump appeals to the hardcore racist Americans, who always blame immigration for their woes; taking their jobs and all, even though studies show otherwise. Too many Americans tend to forget that most of them, including Donald Trump himself, are of immigrant ancestry.

Donald Trump is not a racist at all in my view. The Donald relies heavily on immigrants for his businesses and romantic life. Money means a lot to Trump. He inherits his money and the hustle from his immigrant lineage. His grandpa would in fact be considered a gangster or some offshoot of a gangster in modern day lingo. Donald thinks with money he can buy, distort, grasp and move anything, and he is right in many aspects.

For Africans, we preempted him though in shooting out nasty words. Trevor Noah, the South African comedian called Donald Trump a dictator, comparing him to Africa’s nastiest leaders. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah - Donald Trump: America's African President

I think that hit the Donald because since then he refrained from saying anything against African immigrants. Or maybe he just thinks Africans are just some harmless backward people and should be left alone. Or that we don’t matter at all.

But truth be told, African immigrants in America are the most educated and most peaceful. (http://www.migrationpolicy.org/article/sub-saharan-african-immigrants-united-states#Educational and Professional) Except once in a while few of our Nigerian brothers will run them around in some 409 fraudster rings.

Over all, we are hardworking, educated, and non-gang forming communities. Racist America prefers Arabs and Asians with money in the country. As in all their fears, manipulations, and interest, flooding America with Africans will increase the African American population, which is suppressed in many ways. So America opens the floodgates to Arabs and Asians. And they are so disappointed now that those Arabs are never going to conform or tolerate even an inch of their faith or culture. Most hate the American culture, even when in America, Medicaid be damned!

Donald Trump though acts like an African dictator.  Reason he disrupts and turns topsy-turvy the whole American electoral process or system and keeps the Republicans and Democrats alike on their toes. Testing Americas domestic/national/political crisis management skills! They are all jittery because America cannot have a dictator in the White House.! LOL

The Donald brags about the size of his penis to fellow Republicans during his debates. Sees women as mere accessories, just like a value of gold to a man's wealth. And the younger the better for his reality-TV ego, taunting fellow Republican Ted Cruz that his cover girl wife Melania is more beautiful than the senator’s Heidi Cruz. God help Hilary Clinton! If the Donald can haul sexist remarks, belittle Megyn Kelly, a reporter from his Republican base mouthpiece Fox News and accuses and smears prominent republican contender Cruz as not American, imagine how hungry he will be to rip Hillary Clinton's skirts in the general election campaign. Actually he is throwing some low blows at Hillary already.

Donald Trump is shameless, crude and unapologetic. He screams profanities, swears at Muslims and, yes, he will drop bombs on them in a blink of an eye. He is a bully. He is fearless. All culminating from his experience in American corporate culture.

The American corporate culture is fearless, heartless and brutal. The Donald breathes that culture. It is all he knows. Come see how corporations voraciously swallow smaller businesses. They have no qualms to prey on the unsuspecting and helpless population regardless of race gender or religion. They twist arms and break a leg to attain profits and stay on top. Be it in the real estate or banking industry. The Donald is a champion of that culture! Corporate brawler. Child of Corporate America. From the worst sector: Real Estate.

I am currently reading a book: Yarrow Mahmout From Slave Ship to Harvard: Yarrow Mamout and the History of an African American Family. It’s about a Guinean slave brought to Maryland at the age of 16. He was well versed in Arabic and the Quran. As a muslim, they called him a Mohammedan at the time.  After serving his master for 40 years in all kinds of trade from brick making to weaving to iron works, he got his freedom.  He was duped several times by bankers and lawyers of his little money he had been able to earn.

But he managed to save enough to buy a land and build a house at the prestigious section of Washington DC called Georgetown. Three times his " creditors" came for his little place but his lawyer friends advised him to transfer the deed to his young son to avoid garnishment or foreclosure. Yarrow was one educated and good natured African former slave. His niece befriended enough lawyers to free herself from slavery and smart enough to go to court and claim Yarrow properties after his death. In Georgetown, after some 260 plus years ago, his praying ground and home is still standing after years of commercial real estate brokers hounding on it. God bless his soul and legacy. Allahu Akbar!!!

Until, when the government comes down clamping hard on these corporations and slams them with toughcompliance/regulations, all is well in "Corporate Kunda." They will just keep doing anything by any means to keep profits flowing and to stay on top. And they have 300/ hr. lawyers on the ready for any showdown. The best or beasts of that culture are their smarts and top achievers of those powerhouses on Wall Street. In that culture staying in power means selling to drug lords, crushing opponents, luring investors, enslaving people to the consumer credit industry. Nothing but profits count.

The Donald is raised in that tough, heartless corporate culture. I don't think he is a bad person. He just can’t help being a product of his world. For the Donald, it’s all about ego, profits and prestige!

In fact in The Donald's world, cut-throat strategies are celebrated as smarts. Heartless corporations and their brutal CEOs are the brains — the real players who always “Make America Great Again.” Lol. These brutal corporate magnates/ barons from railroad to real estate empires started exploring slaves, the poor and then middle class America. All what counts are profits. Race or religion be damned. (http://www.history.com/news/history-lists/5-things-you-may-not-know-about-the-men-who-built-america)

The Donald is raised from this culture. A chauvinist and a capitalist bully. He would not mind dropping bombs on Bashir of Sudan or Mugabe of Zimbabwe or Assad of Syria or put the fear of Jesus in Yahya Jammeh of the Gambia. But again, he may just decide to cut a deal with Bashir by swapping oil for weapons. Anything to make America great again: Profits.

And now he wants to be the populist champion in the Oval Office. Welcome to a dictatorship! I would love to see him ship racist Cruz back to Canada.  Even if that means I, as a black Muslim immigrant, will be shipped back to the dictator in my homeland. Interesting things waiting to happen in The Donald’s America. The circus, the brawling, and all hell breaking loose. It will not be tribalism at its nastiest as in the case of many African wars. Nothing like Hutus wielding machetes against Tutsis, but Republicans and American racists wielding baseball bats against Democrats, immigrants and Muslims. Since I am missing my mentor in Professor George Ayitteh, I am glad I have found one in the Daily Kos community. Their commentary on world issues, really inspiring! Men and women of honor in America who still believe there is hope and room for humanity in the New World! God bless America!

After all is said and done, I don't believe Donald Trump is a racist, homophobe, religious bigot or even a Republican. America needs a strong arm in this era of security crisis! Let’s enjoy the tirades in the meantime until Hillary or Bernie Sanders steps up to face him. American democracy at its best! He is a fake Republican but he has shaken both parties, Democrats and Republicans, from their slumber. The Donald train is still riding high!  Donald Trump is not even a Republican. And the republicans know it and it kills them! He just wants to use their party as a means to his end of getting into the White House. And in the process, he’s nicely igniting all the racists in America.  He needs their passion and “patriotism.” The Skinheads, the Southern Avengers, the Neo-nazis, the Oath Keepers, and all the rest. They love that he rains insults on immigrants and Muslims. But I suspect that the Donald will make the best partner for the Arab sheiks. He will also make them pay for every service America renders on their behalf.

The Donald wants to balance America's account books and he will break a leg to do it. He wants to make the America the world fears. The Donald is a brawler and he will be ready to take the fight to the terrorists. However, this can be counterproductive and dangerous for the world. The American population is now in fear and the Donald wants them to believe that he can make America king, calling all the shots. In this world of unpredictable bullies, America the bully needs to stand up, too. Militarily and financially to Russia, China, and The Arab world. And the Donald vows to make that happen!

The world politics is more complicated than what The Donald portrays or what some racists bigots understand from his message. He will learn that sooner or later.

Donald Trump said that “As been stated continuously in the press, people are pouring across the borders, and great amounts of crime are committed by illegal immigrants.  This must be stopped and it must be stopped now!”

Trump. Really?? Hello??? Mrs. Donald Trump, Melania is a fresh immigrant.!! Got her green card in 2001. The onetime sports illustrated bikini model hailed from some village in Slovenia!

I did not banter with the Mexican driver about the intricacies of American democracy or history. I need not remind him or Donald Trump that some of America's founding fathers were descendants of exiled convicts and petty criminals from England. Banished to the new world called America to duke out their prison sentences. Donald Trump's grandpa came on a hustle from Germany. He lived in a small apartment in New York as a barber cutting hair for six years before moving to Seattle, owning a restaurant; selling food, liquor and prostitutes for Seattle Gold miners. The police cleaned him up and he returned to New York. They cut the p and f from their last names to not sound so German and so as not to be discriminated against at the end of world War one. German immigrants were the largest in the USA then. But fear made them change their last names to be considered fully American who are loyal to their country in the wake of world war 1. (http://theweek.com/articles/580042/ancestral-immigrant-history-antiimmigrant-crusader-donald-trump)

In the meantime, the brawl continues ……………..