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July 22nd in the Gambia, 1994
by Fatou Jaw Manneh
July 22nd in the Gambia, 1994
Is the day that democracy died

The day the devil evaded our sight

And of course he came cloaked in a white robe

The day that we all were fooled

The day that sanity is doomed in the Gambia

It is the day that will haunt us forever

A day that turned the smiling coast to the crying coast

Where desolation replaces the smiles of it's beautiful people

Buried along the beautiful coast of River Gambia are innocent souls

Who are shot in large numbers for crimes they know not

July 22nd in The Gambia, 1994

The day that evil prevailed on the Gambia

The day that mark jihad for the righteous souls

The day that will mark the rule of Satan for 19 years

The day that mark a new Gambia

And A NEW Gambia for the worse

A Gambia where suddenly citizens turn on each other for no reason

A Gambia that toss forward petty criminals, fakes , bandits, killers and slick criminals

Where husband will let go the wife for the devil

Where wife will leave man for the devil

Where sister will give in sister for the devil

Where, Father, Mother and daughter will sleep with the devil

July 22nd in The Gambia, 1994

A Gambia Where the teachings of Muhammad and Jesus are buried 6 feet deep 

Imams and Bishops become puppets and spies for their devil master

Where materialism becomes the holy scripture

Where cruel souls will take us hostage

And the ordinary folks nowhere to turn to

Where one is either rich or damn poor as basic meals are unaffordable

And the shameless and synthetic intellectuals will race for crumbs

July 22nd in The Gambia, 1994

The Gambia where integrity becomes abnormal

Where modesty is viewed as strange and truthfulness unethical

This new Gambia where narcissism replaces modesty

With lies, fakeness, pettiness and brutality norms of the day

The Gambia where we feed our grandparents with killer concoctions

And not even ashamed for it

July 22nd in The Gambia, 1994

The Gambia of course, where mediocrity is applauded

And all the concerned termed jealous or bad

July 22nd In Gambian history

Is just the day when everything in the Gambia was turned upside down

Can we hope for another new Gambia?

Fatou Jaw Manneh

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