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By Concerned Gambians

Again the brutal Gambian regime using it´s instrument of coercion the armed paramilitary officers has attacked defenseless peaceful protesters claimed to be UDP members and supporters, whose only crime was demanding for an electoral reform in the Gambia. On their banners, one could read demands like “WE NEED PROPER ELECTORAL – REFORM”. For this, the protesters were brutally attacked by the officers, tortured, some injured and arrested with eventual three casualties as a result. Three dead Gambians only for claiming proper electoral reforms! The escalation of Jammeh´s deceptive behaviour,aggression and brutality, the unlawful arrests, detention and disappearances of Gambians can no longer be disguised andshould not be tolerated. Fellow Gambians, how long shall we tolerate this regime´s brutality and terror against our people?

The APRC state terrorism against the people must be stopped by all means necessary. This despotic regime has turned the state into an institution of violence and violation of human rights, imposing a state of generalized fear and a program for national disunity. Consequently, the lives of our people are characterized by economic underdevelopment, massive unemployment, social and cultural degradation. 

The need to come together and consolidate our forces to permanently combat the present oppressor and restore social justiceis NOW and is the noble task ahead of us. We must act now because time is running out. We cannot afford to remain fragmented with small groupings all over the place as it is today. If we are to struggle and win this fight, we must by all means consolidate our forces. We must coordinate strategies, tactics and combine experiences to decisively and progressively take the lead. The urgent task that we must carry-out as a people is to defeat the terror regime and prevent any subsequentpost-APRC terror regime.

It is important as we face the present APRC state of terror, to learn the lessons of our past failures. We need to develop appropriate programs, correct strategies and tactics, create efficient and effective organizational structures, combined with a high level of discipline and dedication that can lead us to defeat the present oppression and restore a permanent victory.

Without organisational strength we are weak, unity is the dynamic force behind any great venture.


We are a group consisting of well disciplined and focused Gambians who are willing to link and network with other Gambians in the diaspora and in the Gambia with a common aim to end the decadent regime of Yahya Jammeh. To give support to the efforts already initiated at home and abroad. We are convinced of the fact that without a serious and coordinated initiative, regime change in the Gambia will take far too long time to take place.

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