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By Brahimi Mbogje

Who would have thought that we in America would have Trump? I for one had once thought it possible. Not that I did not believe in the ideals firmly embedded in the American political system and institutions. On the contrary, I have strong faith in these institutions. Institutions that have so far set this country apart so brilliantly from the rest of the world in terms of freedom and liberty.

But, as Jefferson so aptly put it, we have given you a republic [if you can keep it.] But all that is about to change. TYRANNY IS ON THE HORIZON as we have never witnessed it here before. And [not if it comes, but] when it comes it shall be pretty ugly.

Contrary to some so-called political pundits who were too quick in predicting the demise of racism as a relic of a bygone era in America, if you are a black man in this country, a colored person, or a Muslim, you know for certain that the reality is starkly different [from the mirage of the post-racial societal kumbaya so loudly proclaimed by some just a few years ago with the advent of Barack Hussain Obama to the presidency of the US of A.]

Today, across this country, racists no longer hide their feeling anymore. Attacks on Muslims, people of African descent, people of Hispanic descent are all too common. Trump-ism is indeed to be blamed for this sharp rise in hate crimes, if only by normalizing such horrific obscene reptilian human sentiments [or acts.]

But this bigotry certainly predates TRUMP. We have seen it before, say, in our workplaces, and while driving. And in short, in almost every aspect of our every day lives. For indeed, in too many [of these] milieus, it simply does not matter how qualified or competent we are; when it comes to being judged our race is ultimately what matters. The racists will not admit it, but the evidence of what we are saying is pretty clear. They will even cook the books to maintain a racial hegemony.

And of course, those of us who dare to speak run the certitude of been framed for a crime we have never committed. [THIS HAS BEEN THE LIFE OF BLACK FOLKS, AND OF MUSLIMS ALIKE IN THE NAME OF FIGHTING TERROR.]

And if I go by TRUMP's own campaign promises, this life that nonwhites, and Muslims have endured will only be exacerbated, comes January, when this president [perhaps, the most despicable, most ignorant, and most openly hateful, and mendacious] takes power.

But that part of white America who went along with his rage by electing him now have to ultimately own the moral consequences and implications of what [without God's intervention] is likely to be this man horrific legacy in atrocity.

Under him [Trump] I predict [though I pray to be proven wrong] that there will be an incredible spike in the assassination of black and brown people [by the police] under false pretenses of LAW AND ORDER, a term that is reminiscent of apartheid South Africa.

Under him, there will be a massive uptake in the extrajudicial killings of innocent Muslims, their children and wives; because by his own words, he will go after not just terrorists [who everyone agree are fair targets], but also their families [children and spouses] in assassination. This wanton declared disregard for human decency [from the leader of a major major democratic nation] had almost never been seen, since the downfall of Hitler in Nazi Germany.

I also predict that after this man [TRUMP] takes power, one will gradually witness something of the type of the Nazi-Soviet pact [The so-called Molotov-Ribbentrop conspiracy] where our European and other security partners across the globe will be sacrificed to further his business appetite in Russia. But it won't take long before he is awaken to the implacable-ness of the Russian leader Vladimir Putin, who sees the world not in terms of making genuine mutually beneficial and fair deals, but as a zero-sum chess game.

Finally, I predict that this buffoon, called TRUMP, will fail, a failure of epic proportion, just because his campaign promises to his political constituency are simply logically internally contradictory. [He will fail as spectacularly as he as arising]. And here are some of the reasons:

1. He will not built a wall to keep Mexicans at bay, because he doesn't have the money to do so. And also because Mexico [a majority christian nation which differs from ours, the USA, mainly by skin color will not pay for his stupid wall.]

2. Contrary to his bluffs, in my opinion, this man [TRUMP] is a coward who will talk tough against Muslims, but will rather do everything to not jeopardize his business interests in the various ARAB and Muslim countries across the world. He may go after us Muslims at home in America; he may frame us for crimes we have not committed, he may jail us, or even kill us. But when it comes to the savage [so-called Muslim] rulers who are enslaving their countrymen and in whose protection he [Trump] owns large financial assets, he [Trump] will treat these roitelets with velvet gloves. There is an English word for that sort of equivocation; it is called: Hypocrisy.

3. He may destroy the US-Iran deal that prevents Iran from acquiring the deadly atom bomb. But if he does so, then the logically inescapable consequence is that he is gonna precipitously hand Iran what it has wanted [the bomb.] Then if he wages war on Iran, he might run the risk of facing not just Iran but also Iran's friend Vladimir Putin in perhaps a final armageddon, thereby fulfilling for Shia Iran its prophecy in the final battle, the coming of its Imans, and the end-time.

For these three reasons [and for many more that I lack the time to elaborated on] This buffoon [of TRUMP], I predict, is destined for a total fiasco, a huge embarrassment.

One thing is certain though, by the time he leaves office I predict he would have illegally and tremendously enrich himself through his uncountable conflicts of interest, while impoverishing the entire rest of America à la Silvio Berlusconi.

Then and only then, shall his supporters realized that they had been sold a bill of goods [and not the real goods themselves.]

Obviously, there are folks, including some blacks, even some Muslims, and some Hispanic, who will be saying, Dr. Mbodje, you may be exaggerating. I hope these folks are ultimately right and that I will turn out to be wrong in my predictions, because as an American who has contributed no less than this buffoon [of Trump] has to this country, I only wish this country greatness.

But the prediction can only be dare, if he is to keep his campaign promises. Indeed, in Nazi Germany, when Hitler was cold-bloodedly savagely planning the systematic large scale murder of the great Jewish people [who like the heroic African and stoic native Americans have been among the most persecuted peoples], there were "Jewish Ghetto Police" who kept reassuring victims that everything in the end was gonna be fine.

But today we know that the truth was otherwise. Namely, these innocent Jewish children and women were inexorably forcibly marched to their horrible horrific death. We also know that it took one country [the USA] to save the rest of the Jews and much of the world.

But this time when the TRUMP-PUTIN alliance reenacts Adolph Hitler Nazism  [Molotov-Ribbentrop pact], there will be no one left alive. INDEED, HATE IS NEVER A STRATEGY NOR A GOOD SOLUTION TO ANYTHING. THE HATER ULTIMATELY ENDS UP DESTROYING HIMSELF UNKNOWINGLY.

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