Women of Substance





Brahima Mbodje


An incredibly large number of folks seem to be flabbergasted at the atrociousness of our prison condition [and system] under the departed regime. I, for one, am rather surprised by these folks being flabbergasted. [Can't we remember that such is precisely what usually happens under all dictatorships? Go back in time and check out the human devastation, catastrophe, or genocide under Sekou Toure, Mobutu, Idi Amin, or their likes.] For indeed, our prison system [under Jammeh], with all its barbarism, will hardly surpass in gravity the extra-judicial execution of one of Gambia's greatest sons, Dida Haidara.

The remnant of the APRC/AFPRC clique may brag about one or two developments [or ill-developments] here and there, across the country, but let no Gambians forget that all these so-called trophies of theirs were achieved in sweat and upon the broken bones and bodies of our citizens.

Hence, as far as I am concerned, what is unfathomable is how intellectuals would repeatedly be lured in drove into the cabinet of [perhaps] Gambia's most deadly, most unworthy son, Yaya Jammeh. Or was he really one of us as he has been claiming or was he an alien who managed with great skill to usurp the highest power in our land? We still aren't sure.

But, as far as not being able to fathom this Gambian psyche is concerned, I shall add that I still do not understand how one could have joined Yaya Jammeh in his cabinet following the gruesome assassination of Koro Ceesay? LET SOMEBODY TELL ME?

Hey, Gambian intellectuals [or so-called intellectuals], we were not pleading with you that you put your lives and those of your families up for certain destruction by Yaya Jammeh. All we wanted was that you resisted being collaborationists for a deadly immoral killer!

For indeed, we understood the awesome physical peril involved in standing up [even in exhile, let alone at home] to Jammeh. That is the reason, we believe that President Barrow, Halifa Sallah, Lawyer Darbo, O. Jallow, together with all of the other coalition personalities, should have their names indelibly registered into the pantheon of Gambia's greatest sons and daughters.

Remember, I am only echoing here Lawyer Darbo's own description of the President, when he referred to him as "Gambia's sent Moses."