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Deciphering Putin- the Siberian Tiger
By Asset Kandeh
Anger is his feed
He was born handsome
But his feed altered his nature.

Putting on a smile
Proves the hardest job for the Tiger
Take a peep at those shifty eyes
Therein lurks cruelty
At ease with malignity.

His moves, always dubiously unpredictable
Are the mouthpiece of his thoughts
For seldom his mouth speaks his mind

The rumble, crack and crumble
Of the former USSR
That's the old wound the Tiger's been nursing
The re-making of Russia
That's the unhidden agenda of Putin
It's re-invention
By all means, at all cost
There's the Kremlin's Global campaign

The bulldozing and bullying of The Ukraine and Georgia
Emphatically show-cased the Tiger's tigeritude
And soon Isis and the FSA
Will learn what KGB stands for
As NATO, tip-toeing on hot bricks,
Fiddles a tuneless tune.

If you've never seen Hitler live,
Fret not, regret not,
For in Putin, resides he.

Be wary and weary,
But beware of the Siberian Tiger,
For the Road he's taken,
Only Hitler that once made that choice.
The World's advised.

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