Women of Substance





Business Dreamers

Thanks my dear sister for giving us space in your paper to share our views. I am a business man living in South East Asia Indonesia Jakarta and i specialize in garment exports. As a Gambian, am please asking my fellow country men to follow up business and let`s fight to free our country from outside invaders. If we as Gambians pick up business as we are investing in other areas then we will firmly take charge of the industry that runs millions in any currency. Let`s take example of our sister nation Senegal : they control the industry and they are backed by the government and yielding fruit for them. We in the industry can witness it. 
 Fatou keep the fight . I enjoy reading your paper and is really educating us on how Gambians are fighting to live a decent life. I have been in business for the last fourteen years but its just now that am learning more about my fellow country men and it`s because of your paper, that i know about them.
 THANKS Sister we are your supporters.
Ansu Saho, Indonesia