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The Story of Adama Barrow, Independent Presidential Candidate

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On the 15th February 1965, a few days before The Gambia attained its independence from British rule, Mamudu Barrow and Kadijatou Jallow were blessed with a baby boy named Adama Barrow. Growing up in the small village of Mankamang Kunda in Jimara in the Upper River Region of the Gambia, Adama was amongst the few children who were opportune to be sent to school.  He attended Koba Kunda Primary School in Basse from 1975 to 1981. In an environment with limited opportunities, Adama had to leave his home for the capital city Banjul, to attend his Junior Secondary and High School at Crab Island and Muslim High School respectively.   Upon completion of his High School education in 1988, he ventured into business and got his work experience with Alhajie Musa Njie, a well known Business man in his hay days in Banjul.  

Over the years, Adama has developed his skills from a sales man to becoming the sales manager at Musa Njie and Sons Limited. He then travelled to the United Kingdom where he spent four years.  Upon returning to The Gambia, Adama started his own business enterprise and is the Chief Executive Officer of Majum House, a real estate agency.

Adama Barrow expressed interest in politics since 1996 when he gave support to the opposition party, United Democratic Party.   He contested for the national assembly elections in 2007 in the Jimara Constituency. Over the years he became an active member of the UDP and rose to the rank of party leader in 2016 when the party leader and members of the executive were imprisoned for three years for exercising their civic and political rights in the bid to promote democracy as a result of the death of their party member Solo Sandeng.

The political climate in the Gambia has changed drastically in recent times and Adama Barrow has emerged as the leader of the Coalition calling for unity to bring about positive change in the Gambian politics.  In an interview with Adama, he said his reason for joining politics is to contribute to changing the governance system in the country.  

Adama is married with two wives and five children.  He enjoys football as well as reading newspapers.  He speaks English, Mandinka, Wollof, Sarahuleh and Fula.  He has humble personality but a strong sense of direction which is his strength in making him a successful businessman and aspiring leader of our great nation.

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IEC Committee

Coalition 2016

From Amie Bojang Sissoho

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