Women of Substance






As you are supposed to be the most honest and God fearing Islamic leaders in our mother land, and should speak the truth and nothing but the truth, please clear your name and the holy position you held for many many years. Being and Imam Ratib is not child's play neither a place that everyone can occupy. The Gambian people moreso the Banjulians had faith in God, trusted you to lead them in times of  need, joy and sorrow. The muslim community in Gambia, especially Banjul sees you as a true Muslim, an advocate, preacher of peace, openess, equality, fair play and  honesty within the eyes of God and above all one who tells the truth, notning but the truth. When it comes to Islam, you are the only becon of hope, the alpha and the omega in the Gambia. So please rise up and shine for you are being challenged, a challenge that concerns all. This is no more about you, but about the Nation and the people you lead, the country you love, and the truth. The Freedom newspaper hardly get it wrong.
Iman Kah and SIC, at this dark hour of our country's  history  and at this trying time, the Gambia needs you now, more than ever. Please stand up and be counted. Yaya Jammeh thinks he  is the custodian of the constitution of the Gambia and its laws, but Imam Cherno Kah, you are the custodian of the King Fahad Mosque, and the guardian of the Holy Quran in your capacity as the IMAM RATIB.  You are equally a very powerful man in Gambia with your congregation.  As a Gambian and a muslim, I challenge you to show the whole world that the publication about you giving your blessing to the president for Imam Baba Leigh to be arrested is false. Also prove to the whole world, not Gambia alone that you are not corrupted by Yaya Jammeh, and that you do not recieve money from him for favours.
Iman Kah and SIC, you know the Holy Quaran better than me, but one thing I know about the Quaran is that, it is a book of peace, truth , fairness, equality  and rightiousness. You also preach about life thereafter, and punishment of sins. If you truly belief in all that you preach, even if the punishments that will be meted on you by Yaya Jammeh  and his evil forces will be death, you should accept it,  be prepared to tell him the truth and defend the voiceless and speak up in your Friday sermons, form a delegation and face Yaya Jammeh and tell him the truth. let him release Imam Baba Leigh. You should be scared of Allah Subana Hu Watalla's punishment not Yaya Jammeh's as he is nothing but a humanbeing like me and you , only that he have got guns. The truth shall last forever.
Iman Kah, you should get courage from your Senegalses counterparts( Imams). They don't care about the Senegalese government when it came to telling them the truth. I have attended many Friday prayers in Kaolack in Medina Bai Nyess, and Dakar and their Imams say it as it is. They don't hide the truth. They don't bend it for any politician, because they fear God.
If the report on Freedon newspaper online is true about you and the SIC, then may Allah Talla forgive you all. Otherwise, I will be relieved and happy  that one of the Imams I always trusted and always travel from Kombo to Banjul to come and pray behind is indeed a man of God, and someone who is worthy of the congregation he leads.  But Imam, Freedom Newspaper hardly gets it wrong. The staff do their work and always endeavours to publish the truth, which is why I challenge you to come forward and clear your name and that of the SIC.   I pray to allah tall for the truth to come to light and for Imam Baby Leigh to be released, and not to die under custody. 
 To Imam Baba Leigh,  just hang in there. God is great. All this suffering you have gone through will come to and end. You are my hero, and may Allah Tallahu protect you from all this monsters hurting you. I emphatize with you, not because you were my " Ustass", but a human being, and at this day and age no human being should suffer like this especially if you have not done anything wrong. Your only crime was TELLING THE TRUTH. May God be with you.
Stay blessed Gambia,, Senegal, UK, USA, Hello Gambia, Maafanta, Gainako , Freedom and all those in the struggle. To the Soldiers in Dakar, Bravo, I salute you.
AlhaGi B.