Women of Substance






They are not common criminals, they are not trouble makers. They are Freedom Fighters, who believe in the need for change and for a new dispensation in Gambia. A dispensation that is long coming, in which Gambia enjoys Freedom of Expression, of movement ,of human dignity and self-worth and of having no fear hanging on one’s head for not having shown or lent support to a brutal regime which lacks a scintilla of tolerance for dissent.

History is replete with people who go away and die in Exile, go to prison, go on Hunger strikes, abandon family and familiarity, pack in careers and loved ones and even die for what one believes in.Not all persons can sacrifice so much.

Cherno, Banka and Barrow will emerge from this as honourable people who sacrificed for Gambia.

A sovereign nation such as the USA,will necessarily protect the rule of Law, sometimes regardless. However in this case, given America’s practice of serving long sentences, our chaps have been considered as not deserving such sentence. It’s a slap on the wrist, for what the Justice department might point to as”...do not act out foreign policy…”.

The light sentence is a vindication of the honourable deeds of these men and their counterparts, some of whom died in the heat of battle.

The struggle of the Gambian people has now matured, with Gambians taking over ownership of their struggle. It’s no longer a political party issue; it’s a national issue touching every community, region and individual.

The protests on the streets, the bravery of our calabash waving women, the chants and placards say it all…that Jammeh’s days are numbered, and The Gambian people have had enough of a murderous, brutal regime with callous disregard for the rights of citizens.

President Jammeh is cornered, and the momentum of protest and desire for change lingers on, boosted by The European Union’s resolution to impose a travel ban on named persons of the regime and possibly consider freezing Jammeh’s assets dotted around the globe in offshore hide -aways, and real Estate.          Aib Jobe London

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