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  Mccarthy square happens to be his palm oil outlet and pot is 7 dalasis that is what makes me laugh. As the head of state you should be more concerned about protecting domestic businesses not to be competing with them.  

  -    Serious Boy Ablie Njie writes to Maafanta!

I also did some edit. Give it one read and I thin it will be ready for publication. I attached it also. Very good boy.


Dear Aunty Fatou of Maafanta. You and I don't knoweach other,  but I've read and heard a lot about you and to be quite honest, you inspire me a lot. I am 20 years old today and I hope by the time I will be 21 Inshallah, we will be able to restore democracy in our dear motherland. I am dabbling into politics but my parents are totally against it. I am pursuing a Business Administration degree but for some reason I am trying to get into politics especially after I took a political science class from a previous semester in college. I graduated from high school in the year 2011. My father has a business in Banjul so I worked for him for at least a year and half. As well too familiar to you, its a common phenomenon in The Gambia for young ones to nag their parents to travel abroad. I was supposed to travel to the United Kingdom because my mother’s relatives leave in UK. For some reason, I didn't want to travel that country, as my father was reluctant to allow me to travel abroad as first child. I was left with very little choice but to instead seek a U.S. visa.  I obtained a bank statement by telling my father that I was applying for a scholarship for which I needed a bank statement.  Scholarship was the subject of discussion in that month in the country. I had some money to pay for my visa expenses and therefor sought the help of a Gambian lawyer. With the Help of Allah the Almighty I secured a visa and informed my parents about the good news. They had little choice but to give me their blessings and to advice me not to fail them. This was expected especially because they are the one's paying my tuition and expenses to stay in the U.S. 


 Before I left our motherland for the US, there were a lot of things I didn't like about our political system and the sad thing is I couldn't do much about it. I always contemplated that someone will sacrifice to bring change in country. For some reasons I started participating anonymously on online radios and exposing the few things I knew about OGA. In the process, I realized that there is division among us and sorry for saying this but Gambian people are very greedy, selfish and heartless. Hypocrisy is also  in our nervous systems. I realized that I should completely stay away from the national discourse.


However, my instincts keep on telling me that we should do something if we really want change back home. I wrote to the White House about our situation in Gambia and the reason why I'm here because if things were cool back home, "duma dem fenn." After I didn't get any response, I called the White House and demanded to speak to the President. Obviously I did not expect to speak to him on the phone but sometimes it is worth taking certain risks. To say it in Wollof, I've realized that "tubab Yii dunge defal ken darra if you ain't got something to offer them." Unfortunately we don't have oil, or any other natural resources that might be of interest to them. The only exception is our sovereignty that God forbids we will never compromise.


How do we change the system? President Macky Sall has enough problems so he won't have my time. I got a B in Political science last semester and I might end up majoring in politics but I've realized that our people cannot wait to be rescued from tyranny therefore there is got to be something one can do. I will focus on my education at least that is the only way I can repay my parents. My mother will be mad if I disappoint my parents. She graduated from St Joseph in Banjul so she will be pleased if her son has a college degree. I will commence classes today for the Spring Semester and all my classes are scheduled for evenings. All the things I want to say, "he jut fee." I have to talk to you! I lost my grandfather who I was named after. I've lost five loved ones after I have arrived in the U.S. The year 2013 happened to be a difficult and right now I'm only left with one grandfather alive which is the main reason I want to go back home after I graduate. And yes Inshallah I will make sure I make my mother proud of me.


I used to hear about you when you were arrested. I loved reading Gambian newspapers and even when I didn't have money to buy them, there was an office opposite my father’s shop where I used to go to read them. Despite the fact that I'm in the U.S., I still read Observer Newspaper and all the other newspapers everyday after Fajr prayers. I have an uncle in The Gambia who's from Basse. The first thing he did when he got to my father's office was to go online to read Maafanta. This is how I came to know a little about you. My other uncles would say to him boul nyu dugal si problem because a lot of government officials come to my father's office pour nyaan haliss so my uncle will be in a hurry for those people to leave so he can resume reading Maafanta. I saw more of your pictures online in the U.S.


I really hope that our dream comes true because for some reason The Gambia's current situation is sad but not a comedy. OGA Jammeh has completely destroyed our economy and what saddens me the most is all our Banjulian businessmen are moving to Senegal and Guinea Bissau. These people pay taxes and now he is driving them away by all means possible. McCarthy Square happens to be his palm oil outlet and pot is 7 dalasis that is what makes me laugh. As the head of state he should have been more concerned about protecting domestic businesses not to be competing against them.


Aunty Fatou the other thing is that all the people working for him are beggars. Starting from OGA, to heads of securities, customs, ports, etc., one sees them driving SUV's but they are all extorting money from the poor as corruption is now the order of the day. I don't have to be saying all this but in order for entrepreneurs to operate their businesses, they must call the directors of the GRA or other departments to let them know the bribes they required are being delivered to their offices. That's how things get done now in The Gambia as even my family members pay them out too to operate their businesses.


Despite the fact that I don't know you personally, I believe you are trustworthy and I want to be a regular contributor to Maafanta. I will keep my family in the dark because none of them want me to associate myself with the struggle. I believe you are the woman who can lead us where we want to go. The bottom line is I can't trust any Gambian even though I am one of them. But my instincts tell me that I can trust you Aunty that is why I'm sending you this article to express my frustrations. I told my Aunty about you Fatou Jaw Manneh and also added you as a friend on Facebook. I saw people attacked your credibility, and I was proud to se you defend yourself in critical debates on Facebook. You addressed well the important issues for the country. You also impressed me as a woman. I was waiting for the right opportunity to contact you, as I didn't know where to start especially knowing the fact that people nowadays cannot be trusted. I am aware that I can't just come in and start sending you messages. I fear you could mistake me for OGA's agent or someone trying to hunt you. When I saw the birthday wish you sent me, I took that opportunity to communicate with you and I was like Yalla moh ham why you did it but I believe there is a reason. Thank you Aunty for the birthday wish.  God bless you Aunty Fatou. To be honest, the main reason I contacted to you is simply because you are the only one that gives me the impression of trust. You are all about Maafanta and Gambia and private. That is what makes you credible. If we don't help our people and ourselves, nobody will. You know if we had all the nyama nyama things — Gold, diamond, oil and Gas — as my boys have been saying, then Nicholas Sarkozy or should I say Jacques Chirac, Uncle Bush and Tony Blair would all have found a way to get rid of OGA. Now that we are all alone in this, we should do something about it. I know that Amadou Sanneh is a very decent and hard workingman. We prayed together at the Pipeline Mosque but OGA tried to humiliate this gentleman. We shall all go after him by all means Inshallah even with his so called "Galadj". Allah is the Almighty who will surely protect us. And let me tell you something. He is not stupid. He knows that by surrounding himself with dumb and ignorant people, he will be there forever. Let me tell you Gambia's security personnel are complete jokes. Protecting OGA is the reason they all go to work.


They are all beggars and they tell people everything that happens within their workplaces. As for the NIA, it has become the laughing stock for sensible people and the subregion. I have an uncle who worked there. Trust me he cannot even write his name but he will brief his boss everyday and his report will get to OGA's office. Aunty I will start to write seriously for Maafanta. You can edit me. God bless you, I am proud of you.


Thanks Ablie. It is young folks like you who keep us going even when we feel we are running out of energy. You are A REAL MAN! You are thoughtful, genuine, honest, serious and patriotic. I cannot believe Obama did not take your calls. Keep trying anyways. You never know. But guess what, just like a vampire, slay your first degree out of the way. Finish your degree in business administration, and then top if off with a two years masters program in Political Science or law. You are serious, persuasive . You can then  run for President of the Gambia.!!! You will be around 27 years, and the platform will be ready for you to campaign right?? Your words are so touching, I cannot explain. Thank you. The Gambian situation is very frustrating but we will find a way to take this cruel dictator Yaya Jammeh out of the way. For real he has turned McCarthy Square into his palm oil stall.??? We shall chase him out inshallah with his pots of palm oil. He is a greedy man anyways. Inshallah. Study hard for now and get the degrees out of the way, and that will also ease Mum and Daddy off your back, so you can fully pursue your political ambition. Keep your head up! You are a serious boy. You made my day. God bless you.



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